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Online Dating: Valentine’s Day Disappointment

Remember how on last week’s post I started discussing online dating? Let me tell you, one of the main problems with online dating is the profile not being ready. Or maybe having such a profile that a guy will read and just think that, even if he does not match anything in it, he will have a chance. And I know, anyone can basically write anything about themselves just to look good. But strangely enough, I don’t think it is the case: just take a look at all the grammatical errors and the lack of punctuation! I don’t know about you, but for me it is a huge turn-off! Some of the profiles are just one sentence long, which says a lot (of nothing) … And even if you bump into a really good written profile, you can try to read between the lines but until you two meet, the other one will know only a bit of what is this person about.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is approaching, and as I told you somewhere else, I still have no date on that day!. This year I promised to myself I wouldn’t get cynical. And I don’t know why, but many people keep asking me for advice on what to buy for their partners, as I was some kind of relationship guru LOL. The truth is, I do have some dating experience, and many times I have bought great presents, so yes, one may say I am some sort of adviser when it comes to this topic! Anyway, the fact that I don’t currently have a boyfriend doesn’t mean I cannot think about gifts I would love to buy for a special someone on a special date (or gifts that I would love to receive, if given the chance!). So here are some of my personal suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Another Valentine’s Day… Still no Date!

Another Valentine’s Day… Still no Date!

Valentine’s Day is slowly but steadily approaching. You can sense it in the air: the perfume of roses, the abundance of chocolate boxes and teddy bears in the shop windows, the good old fashioned Valentine’s Day cards, filled with red and pink and the same good wishes… What’s new? Aren’t they getting a little bit old by now? Don’t call me a cynical! Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed because I am still not in any serious relationship, so I think I am going to miss out again 🙁 (I still never had a Valentine’s date, can you believe it?).

The Saint Valentines Day History

The Saint Valentines Day HistoryThe Saint Valentines Day History. The greeting card industry has estimated 2.6 billion Valentine’s Day cards will be sent in the United States this year alone. This popular holiday is celebrated all over the world as a day set aside for lovers. But, do you know the Saint Valentines Day history?

Valentines Day History: Who Was Saint Valentine?

According to the Catholic Church there are actually three people who are honored as St. Valentinus or Valentine. The story of two of these men is sketchy and little is known except they both died on February 14. The story of why the Catholic Church decided to grant these men sainthood is lost in ancient history. The most popular story, which has probably been embellished over the centuries, concerns a young priest in Rome in about 270 A.D.