​​​​About me


Better yet, where do I begin?
I was born in France between not so long ago and recently, and I lived there until I was 17 when I left for London. A couple of years later, I was back in France, and then I found love – I met my now ex-husband and we got married. Many years and 2 great kids later, we are now divorced.

The complexities Of Life Simplified

I love my life; I love my kids and I love my friends; I’ll tell you a bit about them in a bit. I like my life over easy, I’m totally laid back and I go with the flow. I try to always see the fun and the joy in other people and life; I find that this make life much more relaxed.

My kids – a super pair! My son loves video games which is great because we get to play together online. My daughter is following in mom’s footsteps; she has a blog of her own!

What do I love to do the most? I love my Xbox, and first person shooter video games are my idea of leaning back after a long, hard day. I also love to exercise and I play tennis when I find the time. Dislikes: Crude, rude people, Druggies. People who do not read profiles, start a sentence with beautiful, hot or gorgeous. Yes, I don’t like cooking, and of course because I am so laid back, anyone who tries to bring stress or negativity in my life is a no-no.

I love to exercise and I play tennis when I find the time. Ah, and not to forget my heels. I love my Manolos; they give me height, they give me definition and they give me character – come to think of it, there are people who wouldn’t recognize me if I wasn’t in a pair of heels. Rumor has it that I was once seen at a camp in a pair of heels –but its just rumor… I can plead guilty to the beach though.

Long and short of it, I am just a regular woman with a regular life who does what she can with what she has. And who loves to blog. I have blogs about a whole range of stuff, from weight loss, to fitness, to love, to self improvement, and of course my favorite: men and women and their relationships.

Glad to have you with me, I hope to see you on my various blogs. Happy reading!!!

You just gotta ignite the light
And let yourself shine!