Abused Women and Trophy Wives, Two Birds of a Feather? #60mins #SamanthaBrick

Samantha Brick: Abused Women & Trophy Wives, Two Birds of a Feather? #60mins

First of all, before going into my topic, let me share with you something that horrified me because I simply need to get it out of my system. I started to watch ‘60 minutes’ on TV last night, because I was horrified at what I was hearing.

Apparently, there was this boyfriend or husband, who kills his wife/girlfriend in a fit of rage, and then he blames the victim -who is dead- to wiggle out of justice. That is called the Provocation Defense.

By saying that his wife/girlfriend was looking for it by nagging or cheating etc., that is all the excuse he needs to get his murder charge reduced to manslaughter and to receive a much lighter sentence instead of spending the rest of his life in prison. One guy who killed his wife got out of prison after only 3 years and eleven months! I can’t begin to understand how a jury can even think it is right. Nothing a woman does could possibly justify these abuses!

Put a ring on it… or don’t?

Put a ring on it... or don’t?It all started some days ago, when my Brilliant friend and I were at the bar, having some drinks and discussing hot guys. Suddenly, she made me a comment, and I giggled. I reminded her that I had a boyfriend, so she laughed at me and said:

– Show me the ring, then!

Ok, my Brilliant friend likes to play smart but to be honest, I was not sure what to answer.

A few days later, I was telling that story to another good friend of mine, who seemed to get a bit worried:

– I gave a ring to my girlfriend, and she is wearing it on the index, does this mean we are engaged?

Relationships and Tango

Relationships and Tango

Relationships and TangoThe other day, I was having a conversation with my friend Kelly, and he quoted Carlos Eduardo Gavito, a tango dancer, when he said: “Any man who dances and doesn’t look at the woman as a queen, will never be a king. It’s all about respect for the woman. The woman needs to trust the one she’s dancing with. She needs to be able to trust in the embrace and trust in where she’s being led”. I think it’s a great quote, and it’s not speaking about tango only, but about life (and relationships) in general.

From that same interview, I extracted this quote:
“It’s not something that is all about one person, there are not “bosses” or “leaders”. It’s really about freedom. (…) Many people, no just me, but many people believe the most beautiful thing you can do in tango is in the embrace. Many people have picked up on this in various lessons and schools. No, no, this is something in each of us. It’s something that exists in each one of us. It’s the warmth. When you’re taking another person, ‘I’m protected’ ‘I’m not alone.’ That’s tango. It’s the passion.”. Again: Is that tango what he’s describing, or is it something else?

Dating in Argentina

Dating in ArgentinaIf you enjoy traveling as much as we all enjoy dating and meeting new people, you must probably be feeling as curious as myself for dating in other countries. Well, thanks to the Internet I’ve made many great friends all across the world, and one of them lives in Argentina. The other day we were chatting, and she mentioned how guys in her country are big, hairy babies who live with their moms until they’re 35 or so, and I asked her to tell me about her dating experience in her country. She lives in Buenos Aires, and she told me things are different in that big city than in the rest of the country, where people tend to be more traditional. I’ll sum it up for you because it’s quite interesting, you’ll see!

A Working Girl’s Reply to “a Guy”

A Working Girl’s Reply to “a Guy”It all started with a couple of comments in a previous post (“Men or money?” ), but “a guy” pieced me off so badly that I want to reply with yet another post… In fact, the meaning of his nickname is quite significant: he’s not just one man, there are lots of guys who think like him.

Does a woman become a family destructor only because she chooses to work and make some money of her own? Does every mother need to give up on her career? Can’t we have a healthy relation and an income? I think “a guy” took me out of context (perhaps the “I love money” photo helped a little). When I wrote about “chasing money” I was not talking as an ambitious female version of Montgomery Burns, I was just referring to make a living. I use the money I earn to pay my bills, not to pile mountains of diamonds… And I strongly believe in every women’s right to choose. If you want to become a full-time housekeeper, and to live solely for your hubby and children, that’s ok for you. However, I don’t believe it should be mandatory.

Men or Money?

I was thinking about what Tyson said “Women Or Money?” and I thought I, as a woman, should express my point of view as well.

While I totally agree on some of his remarks –for example, when he says a 5 dollar bill can’t give you children or rub your back-, I feel a little different about some other ideas. For instance, I quite dislike the idea that “the pursuit of money is more important than the pursuit of women because money naturally begets women”. What we go after is not always money (well, some of us at least, I’m not talking about real gold-diggers, which there are): what we go after is independence.

Women Or Money?

Recently I was with some friends and we were listening to a song by Rich Boy and featuring both Lil Wayne and Nas. In the song, Nas states “you lose money chasing women but never lose women chasing money“. Naturally, given the nature of my friends we began a friendly debate on the validity of this statement and overall which one is more important-women or money.

One of my friends has always been somewhat of a ladies man and through the course of his dating career has developed an ability that I see as immature and uncharacteristic of what I consider to be a man. Simply put, women love to buy this guy things. Every time I see him, he is wearing a new pair of $100 shoes, a new $300 leather jacket or sporting a pocket full of money that some obviously dazed and confused woman gladly handed him. Naturally he sees nothing wrong with accepting these “gifts” from women as the way he looks at it “if they are willing to offer, how could I refuse?”

I’m sure whether you are a man or women, you know someone like this and you have probably dated a man or woman like this. Unfortunately due to societal definitions we look down on this type of woman as a gold digger but praise this type of man as a pimp. In my opinion, both are equally poor excuses for human beings as no one should take advantage of another person’s insecurities for their own gain. Nonetheless, my friend was hell bent on debating that the pursuit of women is more important as it will procure a man both money and women.