Tigers: Can we save them before it’s too late?

Tigers: Can We Save Them Before It’s Too Late?

Tigers: Can we save them before it’s too late?Today I feel like writing about tigers, since they are one of my favorite animals. I was just checking the news on the sunshine coast, I guess I miss home sometimes, and I ran into this story about an Australian zoo and its amazing conservation movement at The Tiger Temple. And since I love cats, as I already told you in this post, I thought it was an interesting story and I decided to share it with you.

Me With One Of My Cats

Purring like a Cat…

Me With One Of My CatsWell hello! Long time no see! I finally have my laptop back, it is so good to be back, although between my new full time job and catching up with TV series and videogames I have had little time to write. However it feels so great being able to, so finally here I am, purring like a cat!

That was all I had when I started writing this current post. And suddenly, I am reading my last line, “purring like a cat”, and I wonder why DO cats actually purr… I’ve always thought it was because they are happy or something, but there is no actual way to tell if a cat is happy, or if she’s in the mood for sleeping (most of the times they are, LOL), or if she’s in the mood for anything now that I stop to think about it… I did a little research and here it is, my first post about cats!!! Hopefully, not the last one, since I truly love cats.