November 16


Purring like a Cat…

By Prisqua

November 16, 2011

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Me With One Of My CatsWell hello! Long time no see! I finally have my laptop back, it is so good to be back, although between my new full time job and catching up with TV series and videogames I have had little time to write. However it feels so great being able to, so finally here I am, purring like a cat!

That was all I had when I started writing this current post. And suddenly, I am reading my last line, “purring like a cat”, and I wonder why DO cats actually purr… I’ve always thought it was because they are happy or something, but there is no actual way to tell if a cat is happy, or if she’s in the mood for sleeping (most of the times they are, LOL), or if she’s in the mood for anything now that I stop to think about it… I did a little research and here it is, my first post about cats!!! Hopefully, not the last one, since I truly love cats.

My story with cats

I can’t remember a single time of my childhood in which I didn’t have a lovely kitten to play with. I grew up with cats, and even in Australia we always had cats, two actually, because I have the kids and they always had to fight about who owns the cat… And I also owned a lovely Devon Rex once, my favorite among the huge number of distinct cat breeds (over a hundred!)… But sadly, I had to give it away, as we moved to an apartment, and we were not allowed to have pets. That was back when my husband and I officially separated, now that I think about it, letting the cat go was one of the most unpleasant decisions I had to take back then, since I had paid a fortune for it…

Reasons for disliking cats

Here’s the thing about cats: they have a strong personality (or should I say ‘animality’?). That is why there’re people who adore cats, and there’re people who hate cats. That’s it, just black or white. So far I’ve never met a gray. As for myself, I love cats, of course, but I can understand why some people can’t stand them.

First of all, it is somehow difficult to feel comfortable around a cat since you can never trust them. Cats can jump at your ankles or bite you a second after they have been enjoying your caresses. Cats stare, and somehow they always seem to know what you are thinking, and if you are not a cat-person, what you are probably thinking is “why is this damn cat staring at me?” Cats won’t do tricks unless they want to. Cats will stock, hunt, and kill lovely animals such as birds, goldfish or hamsters… and play with their dead bodies. It’s all in their instincts; it has nothing to do with the fact that you are spending a fortune in the most fancy cat food.

Some people consider themselves dog-people, as if liking dogs made it impossible for you to enjoy the company of a cat. As for myself, I have nothing against dogs, but cats definitely seem more interesting and I’d choose them anytime. Let me tell you why.

My Cats Sushi & MickeyReasons for loving cats

I must insist on the fact that cats have personality. Have you seen how every single cat is unique? In case you haven’t noticed this, perhaps you haven’t spoken to many cat-lovers. I can’t remember how many cats I have owned in my life (although it is said that you don’t actually own a cat, but the cat owns you instead)… trust me, there where never two alike!

Cats are silent, soft, and elegant… they will never ruin your house, but make it more graceful and cozy instead. Of course, it is in the cat’s instinct to scratch, but if you provide them with the right accessories, they won’t harm your furniture. They are playful without being too demanding –admit it, you, dog-lover reading this: sometimes, you have had enough of your pet and it just won’t quit-.

A dog is a great pet if you have the tendency to become a couch potato, because owning a dog forces you to get back on your feet and go for a walk a few times a day. On the other hand, if you are anxious, no other creature will calm you down as a warm, purring cat yawning on your lap.

Fun facts about cats

In case I’ve already got you into loving cats, here are a few fun facts about these amazing animals:

  • Cats ‘talk’ way more than dogs: while a dog can make about ten different barks, cats can produce over a hundred different vocal sounds. In fact, they learn which ‘meow’ works out the best for you, and then use it in their favor (for example, for claiming a spoonful of tuna when you are preparing your favorite sandwich).
  • Cats spend most of the day sleeping: The average hours of sleep for a cat is around 16… that means that if you own a cat that lives until she is 15 years old (not a surprising number), she will have spent a decade sleeping! No wonder why cats are great for calming down anxiety! Domestic cats that live indoors sleep more than outdoor cats, usually busier with hunting and climbing activities.A Friend's cat
  • Whiskers are not just hair: Your cat gets a lot of feedback from these sensitive parts of their body. Whiskers provide information such as a slight change in the breeze, position in space, the measure of an opening space, etc. That is why whiskers should never be trimmed or cut –like the rest of the cat’s hair, they fall naturally and are soon replaced by new ones-. Whiskers can also indicate the mood of the cat.

How about you? What do you feel about cats? Do you like them? Why / why not? Have you ever owned a cat?


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