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Online Dating: Valentine’s Day Disappointment

Remember how on last week’s post I started discussing online dating? Let me tell you, one of the main problems with online dating is the profile not being ready. Or maybe having such a profile that a guy will read and just think that, even if he does not match anything in it, he will have a chance. And I know, anyone can basically write anything about themselves just to look good. But strangely enough, I don’t think it is the case: just take a look at all the grammatical errors and the lack of punctuation! I don’t know about you, but for me it is a huge turn-off! Some of the profiles are just one sentence long, which says a lot (of nothing) … And even if you bump into a really good written profile, you can try to read between the lines but until you two meet, the other one will know only a bit of what is this person about.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is approaching, and as I told you somewhere else, I still have no date on that day!. This year I promised to myself I wouldn’t get cynical. And I don’t know why, but many people keep asking me for advice on what to buy for their partners, as I was some kind of relationship guru LOL. The truth is, I do have some dating experience, and many times I have bought great presents, so yes, one may say I am some sort of adviser when it comes to this topic! Anyway, the fact that I don’t currently have a boyfriend doesn’t mean I cannot think about gifts I would love to buy for a special someone on a special date (or gifts that I would love to receive, if given the chance!). So here are some of my personal suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts.