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Online Dating: Valentine’s Day Disappointment

By Prisqua

February 13, 2013

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Remember how on last week’s post I started discussing online dating? Let me tell you, one of the main problems with online dating is the profile not being ready. Or maybe having such a profile that a guy will read and just think that, even if he does not match anything in it, he will have a chance. And I know, anyone can basically write anything about themselves just to look good. But strangely enough, I don’t think it is the case: just take a look at all the grammatical errors and the lack of punctuation! I don’t know about you, but for me it is a huge turn-off! Some of the profiles are just one sentence long, which says a lot (of nothing) … And even if you bump into a really good written profile, you can try to read between the lines but until you two meet, the other one will know only a bit of what is this person about.

But what is expected from a date? Travis was a bit shocked the other day because I went on a date one day and another one the next day. Well, how is this supposed to work then?

Online Dating: High expectations

So you agree to talk to this one guy, and you are going to communicate for a while until you meet. But it does not mean he is going to be the one. I mean, it is good to chat and all that, but one date is not going to tell me that he is the one! So I haven to hold my breath until I get to know the guy enough to decide whether there is something there or not…..

I have high expectations and this year -as I have previously mentioned- I am not going to settle for less than I want. Anyway, bad news, it turns out I already did that: I gave more credit to just one man who I thought was the one. I got hurt when he is probably laughing about the whole situation. So been there, done that, not going to happen again! I want to meet men, and I mean lots of them!

Why online dating?

Basically, because my career has a priority and it won’t let me leave my desk that often. Right now I don’t have anything better than to work on my computer, and when I take a break, it is to play a video game to release the stress, or I go for a walk on the beach so that I can get a dose a fresh air as well as a bit of exercise since I sit all day… and yes, I realize it is not really good, but I do use my treadmill while I watch a TV show.

Online Dating: Guys with wrong ideas I bumped into

But I am under the impression that if a guy wants to go on a date, he thinks that I am going to give up everything, and he is the only one getting my attention… wrong! Think it again.
Then, there are the ones who start emailing and I am fine. But I tend to get busy and I will usually email back apologizing for not having time to write back long emails, then I don’t hear from the guy ever… WTF.

Another case: I had one who chose to send me a text. It started with a question: why are you single? When I told HotFish, she said “I hate people who ask stupid questions”. Anyway, I decided to answer the best I could. And you know, I apparently did not do a good job because I never heard from the guy after that.

What I don’t understand: we are talking about guys who actually had to spend money to be able to email me… because this is how most dating sites work: you can express your interest for one person for free but to be able to actually contact them you have to pay. There are, of course, totally free dating sites but I don’t really go for free sites… though I am trying one I was just told about…

So why am I single anyway?

Anyway let’s go back to that text guy. I don’t think that kind of question should have been asked with a text message anyway. I love receiving text messages, but if we are going to have a deep meaningful conversation, please call me or let’s have coffee or even email me, but a text message??? How do you expect to know someone from a text message???

For your information, some of the reasons I can come up with as to why I am single: my boyfriend and I broke up a few years ago. We are still very good mates and talk to each other on a regular basis. After the breakup I have been traveling, went on a few dates as well and now I am back in Australia. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer because this is what I do for a living, so I do not go out much. Besides, there is not much to do on the Sunshine Coast unfortunately. So online dating and social networking for me is perfect at the moment.

Picture perfect

There are still people that are hiding their pictures, or not putting up any pictures and coming up with an excuse such as they don’t have one (I really do not buy that one excuse), or they go on with the fact that it is not about how a person looks… well, I will have to disagree on that. We are all attracted to the opposite sex for different reasons. It might be the way a guy smiles; it might be the color of the eyes or whatever else. Personally I like TALL and athletic guys. It is not that I like muscles; I just would like to be with someone that is exercising so that he can push me to exercise more. I would love to have a fitness buddy, even better if he plays tennis, someone who will go on a daily walk at the beach with me, that would be awesome. I do not want a couch potato who would rather watch TV, drink beer or just go fishing all the time! But there also has to be something else that I can pick up in a picture that will make me tick somehow…

So the quest for finding my perfect other half is going to be tough… And once again, it is not this year I will have a Valentine’s Day either LOL. But I am happy for the ones who will have a good one. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!


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