February 8


Another Valentine’s Day… Still no Date!

By Prisqua

February 8, 2012

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Valentine’s Day is slowly but steadily approaching. You can sense it in the air: the perfume of roses, the abundance of chocolate boxes and teddy bears in the shop windows, the good old fashioned Valentine’s Day cards, filled with red and pink and the same good wishes… What’s new? Aren’t they getting a little bit old by now? Don’t call me a cynical! Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed because I am still not in any serious relationship, so I think I am going to miss out again 🙁 (I still never had a Valentine’s date, can you believe it?).

Another Valentine’s Day… Still no Date!Anyway, it’s funny though to see that people are still looking for inspiration to what to do on Valentine’s Day. And I still think the man should be planning the whole thing. I think Valentine’s Day is more a reminder for men about being a bit more romantic, at least once a year (though it never worked on my ex husband, the only reason he bought me flowers on that day is because the florists are everywhere on the streets of the Sunshine Coast!!!!).

Last year I wrote about Valentine’s Day history. This year, I decided I’d be helpful to those of you who actually have a date, and provide you some romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. In case you still don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day, here are some suggestions.

Going on a date on Valentine’s Day

Taking your Valentine to the classic dinner and movie combo is not wrong… but somehow, it just doesn’t feel romantic enough on Valentine’s Day. The key word is ‘special’, so you can’t do what you do every other weekend. Choose something different instead: if you both like music, how about going to a jazz concert? If you are both sports fans, going to a match may be surprisingly adequate! Other ideas include horseback riding, roller-skating, a picnic on the terrace… or swimming naked on a deserted swimming pool! Just make sure you really know what the other person likes.

Is Valentine’s Day your first date? Personally, I don’t think it is such a good idea. Perhaps you are both putting too much pressure on this particular day, and the date might go less than perfect. However, if you have already made the plans, a good alternative may be going out during the day instead of at night. A date in daylight is always more spontaneous and fresh. And it can be truly romantic as well! How about a walk on the park, or spending the day in the zoo, eating popcorn and taking funny pictures?

Ideas for original Valentine’s Day presents

Are you planning to buy a present for Valentine’s Day? If you are on a steady relationship, you have two possibilities. The first one is to talk beforehand with your significant other, and decide together if you are buying presents or not, and approximately how much are you willing to spend. Otherwise, your girlfriend may surprise you with an expensive gold watch and you may give her a card in return. On the other hand, some people decide to surprise their partner with a gift, even if he or she doesn’t give one in return. If this is you, don’t feel bad if your partner didn’t buy you anything. I’m sure they will somehow make it up to you!

Speaking of presents, here are some things you can buy to a girl: yes to jewelry (if you can afford it), yes to shoes and bags (no matter how many she already has, she’ll always want more), yes to music, books and movies (especially if you enjoy them too and it is something you two can share). Be careful with clothes: women tend to be oversensitive when it comes to size. Also be careful with chocolates, because if she’s the kind of girl who is always watching her weight, she may not enjoy them as much as you think. And forget about cards and teddy bears unless you are both still in high school.

And what about boys? If you are buying a present for your boyfriend and you haven’t got a clue, here are some Valentine’s Day ideas: if he’s a sports fan, tickets to see his team will put you #1 in girlfriend’s ranking among his friends. If he loves music, how about a CD, or maybe a musical instrument? You can also get him clothes, but not something very flashy, because that way he would feel you are trying to ‘brand’ him. Finally, men love presents which are useful: a fishing rod if he’s an outdoor kind of guy, a home minibar if he spends a lot of time hanging out with friends, a wok if he likes cooking, or maybe an iPhone… On the other hand, there are some presents you should definitely avoid. Nothing that screams ‘mom’, such as socks or underwear, should be taken into account, especially on Valentine’s Day. Avoid buying anything that may be considered a manipulation: a vacuum cleaner if you often complain about his untidiness or sportswear if he’s a little overweight. Also, forget about getting him something too cute or too intimate, unless you have been together for years and it is part of a common code: forget about cards, teddy bears, or t-shirts with your picture on them.

On a personal note, let me say that there’s nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day. The problem is that half the people out there have the same ideas than you! So every restaurant is crowded, you won’t find tickets to any movie, and if you get into a bar you will find it pretty hard to have a nice, quiet talk. You can always choose to celebrate your love any other day of the year, and it won’t be less romantic.

Ok, I’ve spoken my mind. How about you? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Have you got a date already? If so, what are your plans? What would be your perfect Valentine’s Day like?


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