July 4


Destiny 2 Weekly Reset – How did I do with 2nd Faction Rallies Season 3?

By Prisqua

July 4, 2018

Destiny 2, Faction Rallies, FWC

I was surprised to see Faction Rallies make a comeback the week following Iron Banner. After grinding Iron Banner for a week, I was looking forward to a week of “taking it easy“, and just do some of the milestones, but that would have been too easy.

I pledged Future War Cult this  time around. Reading comments on Twitter, lots of gamers are complaining about being able to pledge for only one faction per account. I used to run one faction per character. In D1, I remember pledging Dead Orbit because of the shaders, but in D2, Dead Orbit armour doesn’t look that great, except for the hunter. Well, the hunter looks good in anything anyway.

I don’t mind pledging one faction at a time, but I have to wonder what happens once you have reached level 50 for each? It makes sense to get all three for the exclusive catalysts and exotic ornaments, but what happens after that? To be honest, I hope nothing happens, because I could then focus on getting the ornaments as it will be a grind and might take a few weeks of Faction Rallies to achieve for most casual gamers like myself. Sorry, but I cannot fathom “Destiny is boring, there isn’t enough things to do“. I don’t have time to play Destiny 2 24/7.

Some of the challenges to get the nations’ ornaments are just insanely crazy, and I had no time this week as my focus was on reaching level 50 as quickly as possible. I would have liked to get the ornament for the Hunter boots, but since I’m always rocking the Wormhusk Crown, especially for health regeneration in the Lost Sectors, I missed out, which is a shame as they look so good, because yes, looking good is important 🙂 That’s why I’m hoping after I’ve done New Monarchy, I can focus on grinding just for factions’ ornaments.

Not sure why, but I found it was more grind this week to reach level 50 than it was when I pledged Dead Orbit. I did miss two daily challenges though. I only did two crucible challenges as doing five matches is a lot to ask for some people (–>me especially), so managed to do it for only two characters. I only did the Strike challenge once because I chose to do the Heroic Strike Milestone at the same time, and couldn’t be bothered to do that another two times.

I was also missing FWC armour for my Hunter, and you can no longer simply buy armour for factions, so you have to rely on drops, and it doesn’t as often as one would hope. Once you get a piece, you’ll get duplicates instead of getting the one piece you’re after. Once you have the full armour, then it drops all the time 🙂 Fun times…

The best way to farm for Faction Rallies is apparently doing only public events, beside the daily challenge. A heroic public event will give out five tokens and four renowns (needed for the boots ornament challenge), when patrol missions give out only one renown. After doing two public events, I would go in a lost sector while waiting for the next one.

In the video above, Pyro says to just do Public Events. As soon as yours is over, fast travel to same destination to jump into another server.  I’ll try that for the last Faction Rallies, New Monarchy.

In the end, Future War Cult had their firs twin, which is great news.

Have a fabulous new week on Destiny 2 guardians.



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