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Celebrity Couples Who Have Been In Love For Over 10 Years

By Prisqua

March 18, 2010

Catherine Zeta Jones, Celine Dion, Courteney Cox, David & Victoria Beckham, David Arquette, Michael Douglas, Posh

Is it possible to find celebrity couples who have been in love for over 10 years? I am not a pessimist but we all know that love does not last long in the world that celebrities inhabit.

Celebrity couples who have been in love for over 10 years

Relationships are very fragile here as ego comes in the way of love. There are a lot of temptations that entice people to stray from the path of love. Everybody here has fame, wealth and good looks. They all know that they can pick and choose the people they want to love. Old fashioned love and romance that lasts forever is not the norm here. Relationships break at the drop of a hat.

Yet, some relationships have withstood the test of time. They have not been sacrificed at the altar of temptation. The people might have strayed, too but have returned to the relationship with even more love for their families. Let us see some celebrity couples who have been in love for over 10 years.

Celebrity couples who have been in love for over 10 yearsDavid Beckham is a football player while his wife, Victoria Adams, is a pop star. They are a favorite celebrity couple of international tabloids. He is known more for his good looks and ever-changing haircuts than his skills in football while she is renowned for trendy style of dressing. They started dating in the year 1997 and married on 4 July 1999. They have survived scandal when it was revealed that David Beckham had a few affairs when he was married. Both are proud parents of three sons and continue to have a successful family life in spite of fame and fortune.

Celebrity couples who have been in love for over 10 yearsCourtney Cox is known for her cherubic face and stunning figure. She gained fame for the role of the reporter in the movie scream and for being part of the famous sitcom Friends. David Arquette was known for playing parts of a buffoon in talk shows. They both found love in 1996 while shooting for the movie Scream and married on 12th June, 1999. They make a quirky couple and have proved their detractors wrong by living a fulfilling marital life together.

Another celebrity couple who will be married for nearly 10 years now is Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. Michael Douglas is 25 years older than Catherine. He has a son, Cameron from a previous marriage. They married on 18th November, 2000. They are the proud parents of two children. They are a powerful couple who haven’t allowed the glamor of Hollywood to come in the way of their happy married life.Celebrity couples who have been in love for over 10 years

Celine Dion is a famous singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. She gained immense popularity all over the world for a song in the movie Titanic. She composed the song at the age of 12 with her mother and brother. Her brother sent the song recording to a music manager by the name of Ren Ang lil. He had stumbled on this name on the back of an album. Ren decided to make Celine Dion a star. He was older to her by 26 years and both fell in love after a while. They married in December, 1994. Their relationship is still going strong after so many years of marriage.

Celebrity couples who have been in love for over 10 years may convince you to believe that true love does exist.


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