July 21



By Prisqua

July 21, 2008

bluetooth, cooking, friends, headset, kitchen, laptop, overseas, shopping, trolley

My daughter came into the kitchen, looked at me shaking her head: “Mother, what the hell are you doing?”  When something is not up to her standard or to her liking my daughter likes to call me “mother’, so obviously she thought something was not quite right…

Well, I was in the kitchen… so… cooking was in order…

Or was it because I was cooking… with my laptop by my side… and headset on…talking to a friend in the U.S…. lol  

Next thing you’ll know, I will be at the supermarket, pushing a trolley with my laptop in the kiddies’ sit, bluetooth on, webcam on… doing grocery shopping with my overseas friends… boy friends… lol

What’s next??


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