August 24


Expressing Love Should Be Natural

By Prisqua

August 24, 2009

Expressing Love Should Be NaturalLove, how to express love? Does it need any training? Or any books to read? Do love expressions need any guidance about what to do and what to avoid? It is natural.

“I looked in her eyes and I knew that she was in love with me. Her eyes told me that.”

“I had asked him to meet me at five pm, and he was there at three thirty.”

“I knew what was happening. His movements and his heartbeat told me all.”

“I could see the fast steps that became faster when she reached me. I knew then.”

“I was talking to him and he recited some old love poems he had written. He never made it appear as if the poems were written for somebody else. I knew that he was now reading them for me.”

Love is a divine feeling. Love is not for ordinary people who suspect a motive everywhere. Love is not for moneymakers who want to look for an opportunity everywhere. Love is not for those who are looking for a body. Love is for those who are searching for a soul that will give them heavenly joy. Love is for those who want to talk in silence. Love is for dreamers. Love is for losers, because they lose themselves in love. Love is for one who forgets the world in love. Love is a supreme feeling.

Despite all I read about relationships, break-ups, marriages and divorces, when I look at a couple in honest love I see a divine sight. I forget all my worries for the moment. I watch love, a very innocent love and I love that. Please fall in love and express it with your body and soul. Naturally. No books, no articles and no guides. Let your love flow, and your sweetheart will understand. That is love. Enjoy the bliss of love.


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