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Fitbit: a smart fitness tracker for a fitter you

By Prisqua

December 29, 2015

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A few weeks ago I was challenged on Fitbit by friends from Facebook. I remember when my friend and I downloaded the Fitbit app months earlier and we challenged each other. It was a friendly competition and it was motivating as she was trying hard to beat me so it kept me going. That was a time when my other friends thought I was being extreme and doing too much. I was reaching 20000 steps almost every day. I was going to the gym at 4-5 times a week, and after a long walk at the beach during the day, I would go for a run –well walk-run-walk type of run – in the evening. As long as I was number one on the leaderboard I was satisfied.

But all good things come to an end. From being super active, I went down to doing absolutely nothing.

I have a sedentary job and I love my food. So it is important that I keep moving. And sometimes you think you are doing enough but when you have a visual, it helps to realise you need to do much more. And in my case I want to go back to being fit and lose some weight.

So when I received the challenge a few weeks ago I was happy to take it on. It gave me the spark to do something. I guess I must be competitive. I keep telling people that I am not competitive, but I am. It’s not a big deal though. It just feels good to be on top.

I’ve been wanting to buy a Fitbit for quite some time. I’ve been following the rise of those health wristbands while I’ve been using free pedometers. Until I figured out there was an app for that! I wasn’t definite on which was the better brand for me. I made up my mind when I downloaded the Fitbit app.

I was using Runkeeper to track my walks but it annoyed me with its constant reminders to buy a premium membership which is for me too expensive. Fitbit not only keep track of your walk/run but it also keeps track of your food intake for calorie counting, how much water you drink.

My diet is pretty clean so I have never been worried about calorie counting, even though I don’t buy anything “diet” or “low fat”. My main drinks are water and black coffee-no-sugar in the morning. I will indulge in a glass of wine, or two, in the evening (I can’t deny my French roots after all). So I decided to track my calorie intake just to double check and see what I was eating. Because at that point, I was not losing weight at all. It made me laugh because one day, my friend who was also trying to lose weight, had already consumed 800 calories by 10 am when I only consumed about 100.

By that point I really wanted a Fitbit rather than just relying on the app. But it was not in my budget and it was an expense I could do without I thought. I did hint at Daughter a few times all year round, you know, Christmas present maybe? But that did not work. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I worked hard all year and managed to pay all my bills. Surely I deserve to spend some of my hard earned money on myself?

When Daughter mentioned the sales on Boxing Day and a friend confirmed the sales were worth it, I decided to check the price of a Fitbit online. At nearly half price on all models. I could not go wrong.

I was not sure which Fitbit to buy though: The Flex, Charge or ChargeHR.

Fitbit: a smart fitness tracker for a fitter you

What I wanted from a health and fitness tracker:

• Steps, calories and distance
• Sleep tracking

What I did not need nor did I want from a health and fitness tracker:

• Caller ID
• Text notifications
• GPS tracking
• Music control

My iPhone does all that. So the Fitbit Surge was out. The Multi-Sport function is the only attraction from the Fitbit Surge but that is a high price to pay for something I don’t really need.

My mind was set on the Fitbit Charge because it was only $10 more than the Fitbit Flex. I did not think keeping track of my heart rate was a must have – the extra $30 seemed a bit much as it was only that much more when on special. Of course it is a different matter if you are buying it at full price which would then be an extra $50. Which is not too bad compare to the Surge which is nearly $400, a bit less than double the price of the ChargeHR.

A lot of salespeople are in the shop to persuade you to buy this or that. You can feel when it is just a speech. They are just doing their job. They learn about the product but they have never even tried it. And you know it. I was glad the girl who approached me knew what she was talking about. You could feel the passion in her voice as she was talking about the Fitbit and how she was happy with hers. When she explained the difference between the Fitbit Charge and the Fitbit ChargeHR, I was sold.
The main difference between the Fitbit Charge and the Fitbit ChargeHR is the continuous heart rate monitor.
Fitbit: a smart fitness tracker for a fitter you

“How heart rate helps measure calorie burn & heart health
Your muscles need oxygen to burn calories and generate energy. Since exercise requires more energy, your heart beats faster to deliver more oxygen through the blood.
By measuring how fast your heart is beating, Fitbit trackers with PurePulse technology can more accurately gauge how many calories you’re burning.
As fitness improves, your heart becomes more efficient, and is able to pump more blood and oxygen to your muscles with every beat—which is why a decrease in resting heart rate suggests improved health.” ~

I could not wait to go home and sync my Fitbit. While Daughter was still shopping around in the next shop, I unpacked it and put my Fitbit on. I loved it.
I went home, charged it, synced it and then went for a walk. The weird thing was, I did not think I needed the watch option. I have not worn a watch in years. Now I actually enjoy having a quick glance at my Fitbit to get the time rather than picking up my phone. I do not have an alarm clock on my bedside either. And sometimes for one reason or another, when I need to know the time in the middle of the night, I have to fumble around to find my iPhone or iPad. Now all I have to do is look at my Fitbit which is on my wrist!

It’s only been a couple of days and I have only removed it once while seated at my desk. It is summer here in Australia, and I can feel my wrist getting a bit sweaty at times. Or maybe it is because I am not used to wearing a wristband 24/7. But overall I am very satisfied with my Fitbit ChargeHr so far and ready to be on top of the leaderboard again. I don’t have to worry about taking my phone every time I move or go to the toilets. I don’t have to log in my steps. It is all there, synced to the Fitbit app.

It is a known fact that sex burns fat. Well, thanks to my brand new Fitbit, I now know that I spent some time this morning in the fat burning zone. There will be more to come!

Of course this is only a small step in my quest to be fit again. But you have to start somewhere.

What is your experience with Fitbit or any other health and fitness tracker?


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