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Here’s a thought for you… by Tania

By Prisqua

September 18, 2009

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While looking for a pic, I came across another worth mentioning blog.  Probably not for everybody’s taste but I love reading food for thoughts from other people.

Here’s a Thought For You……..
Category: Religion and Philosophy
You don’t need to have a religious background or belief to conjure up an image of what you believe Hell to be.
We all imagine pain and suffering beyond all comprehension. We imagine all kinds of evil beings that impose their will upon us without remorse or regret.
So many live in fear of reaching the end of their lives and being damned to Hell if we so much as ‘step out of line’ during our lifetimes. Why?


Once we die, we don’t take our bodies with us. We need our organs, flesh, nervous system etc in order to feel incomprehensible pain. How do you burn and torture a soul when it lacks physical feeling? Surely when we die, all that is left is our soul?

So here’s my thought………..

When we are born, our soul becomes imprisoned within the confines of a shell made up of flesh and bone. This ‘shell’ is capable of feeling pain and physical suffering, disease and decay. We become dependent on food, water, air etc in order to grow and survive. Our ‘shells’ are forced to live in a place where we become vulnerable to all external forces. We are humans.

As humans, we force our will upon everything else that the earth and nature has to offer including ALL other living creatures. We inflict pain and suffering on each other. We are arrogant enough to believe that this is our given right because we are intellectually superior. We judge everyone and everything. We control each other. We destroy, we savage, we reap revenge on what we decide is ‘unacceptable’ in our eyes. We create war and weapons in order to assert our will. As a whole, we never learn from our mistakes. We are greedy self-absorbed controlling creatures that place ourselves on pedestals and shout ‘job well done!’ or ‘me me me’!

If we look at life in general across the world we can see and experience suffering in all measures. We live in a world of horrific diseases, famine, war, crime, violence, loss, broken hearts, fear, worry, fragility of body and mind, hatred, intolerance etc. We ALL have the capability of forcing our will on another’s life. We destroy the beauty of nature and take everything for granted. We are ALL capable of killing another whether or not we wanted to or even had to in order to survive. Everyday, we worry about the little things as well as big things. We hand our power over to others too often all the time. We entrust our lives to government bodies who continuously get it wrong. We are endlessly restricted and bound by rules as well as our physical capabilities.

We all struggle day in day out and will continue to do so until the day we die.

So now explain to me why we should believe in Hell after death?!

Why should we fear the ‘devil’?

We ARE the devil and THIS is Hell. A soul could NEVER experience pain to the extent to which we suffer on earth and in life… simply isn’t possible. To fear Hell is to fear the life you are living RIGHT NOW!!!!

On the other side of our life experience, we see beauty. As humans we also have the capability of caring, sharing, healing, loving, supporting, giving, compromising and creating and maintaining beauty.
Our world is full of the incredible beauty of nature. Humans share this world with millions of equally beautiful animals and plants. We are all blessed with different qualities and capabilities that can all be used to take care of each other and our world. We are ALL capable of selfless acts of kindness. We are ALL capable of loving others. We can ALL learn from our mistakes and evolve into better humans if we choose to.

So it can also be said that we are ‘God’ and this is Heaven too.


The so-called ‘Devil’ and ‘God’ are simply facets of our capabilities of being simply what we are……human, in every way it may encompass us. ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ are the differences between what we have been given and what we ultimately create in our world. There cannot be one without the other……….we cannot learn from our mistakes and evolve unless we make the mistakes in the first place!

My advice……..

Stop worrying about the ‘after-life’ and start actually giving a fuck about this one!!!!


You don't need to have a religious background or belief to conjure up an image of what you believe Hell to be


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