January 26


I am soooo in love

By Prisqua

January 26, 2009

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I know, I wrote this one before, except last time i said i would hope that one day i could write it and truly mean it. Well that day as come… And he has been there for a while… I just could not see it… or was I being distracted?

I am so so in love… and what a nice feelings 🙂

We had that instant connection when we started to chat back in June 2008. We liked each other when we first talked to each other on the phone about a week later. And from that day, we have spent every single day talking to each other until we finally met… Some blessings come in disguise I say and even though i was so looking forward to meet him, I did not think we would ever end up together. I really thought we had reach a point where we were just the best mates ever. And when i saw him at the airport from far away waiting for me, playing impatient & jokingly annoyed because my plane was a bit late, it was him just as expected 🙂 I felt like “I have known this guy all my life“.

Sometimes I think we must have been twins in another lifetime! Not that we agree on everything nor that we don’t ever argue! Quite the contrary! But we are so much alike.  He is the sweetest man ever.

But who said love was easy?


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