August 31


Some Things I Have Learned…

By Prisqua

August 31, 2009

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Growing old does have one benefit … experience!  So, I am here to share my vast pool of knowledge… Of course my boyfriend can’t resist telling me I need to get the laundry, but here’s the list anyway…

1. If you do anything that gets your hands wet, soapy or dirty, your nose WILL itch.

2. When you give your email out anywhere on the internet, you will soon learn all you never wanted to know about body part enhancements.

3. A cat does not love you.  It simply allows you to live with it IF you pet, feed and clean it’s litter box on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’re history.

4. Your Co-Workers, on the other hand, DO love you … at least as long as you continue to give them good stuff to talk about when you aren’t around.

5. Life is beautiful .. Life sucks … life is beautiful … life sucks.  Repeat as necessary.

6. There is a chip in all cars that keeps them from starting unless you stroke the dashboard correctly and sincerely mean it when you say “Come on baby .. you can do it”.

7. Computers will only work correctly when you DON’T need them to.

8. A kiss is just a kiss, and a smile is just a smile, but a baby is forever.

9. There is no such thing as a ghost that can haunt you … except in your own mind.


10. Nothing is carved in stone … other than what will happen if you forget your other half’s birthday or anniversary.

11. Anything you think will happen, won’t… and anything you think won’t happen, will.

12. Love is a two way street .. unless you are on the freeway and then there may be lots of exits before you get somewhere.


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