April 21


Living the American way

By Prisqua

April 21, 2009

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Well I am back in the United States, New jersey and been here for nearly 2 weeks now! I am happy to report that I have done my first laundry! lol I felt like I was in a movie because I’ve always seen it in the movies: people walking with laundry basket to the laundromat in the complex, going down the stairs into some kind of basement…. One of my friends asked: “Were you scared?” lol but no, nothing scary about it… it was not in a dark alley…

Another friend asked if I had seen anything dramatic since the States are sometimes labeled as dangerous… Well we saw once an ambulance in the complex and 2 cops cars so I was wondered if a husband and wife tried to kill each other but we just drove along… a few neighbors were peaking but we had better things to do.

Another thing I have noticed is the clean public toilets and most of time you don’t have to touch the handle to flush the toilets… AND there is paper toilet covers!!! Not that I would usually sit down on a public toilets but I had had the occasional emergency stop where I had no choice… or with the kids… not easy to put toilet paper on the seat especially when you are in a hurry!

Pocketbook: this is a new word to me. “Can you put this in your pocketbook please?” and here I am thinking: “what the hell is a pocketbook?! OOOHHH do you mean my handbag???” Ok, so I got this one: pocketbook = handbag or it could be a purse too I suppose…

We were in the shops, arms full with boxes and stuff so I said: “You better get a trolley.” So he looks at me: “What the hell is a trolley?“  Trolley = Cart

Well better go and check on my laundry

Bye for now!


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