June 17


My first date

By Prisqua

June 17, 2008

online dating

The girls at work were raving about Online Dating and when I showed some interest they just told me to go for it.  So I did. 24th of January 2008… joined RSVP… Little did I know how painful that would be…

First worked my way around it and sent out my first & only 3 “kisses” as I soon found out that I did not need to send anything as my mailbox got flooded within a few days…  Quite overwhelming and also quite addictives…  Really enjoyed reading all the profiles… and checking who was checking me out…

So this guy opened a chat session. He was the first kiss I sent out.  The picture was of poor quality, the face was blurry but for some unknown reasons, I was compelled to send him a kiss, you know… a hunch, intuition… whatever you call it…besides his profile was interesting enough.

He started: “I know you from the school… am the guy with the Mazda 6…” Now I knew… my instincts are always right… so I replied: “actually you know me from when you used to work at the shopping centre a few years back and flirted with me….” Hehehe…. I just had to laughJ Though I was still trying to figure out what was a Mazda 6… Maybe in Gran Turismo… no can’t remember driving any Mazda… but it must be a good car since he cared to mention it in the first sentence??!!  And no my profile did not have any car requirements… so I have no idea where this came from!

We decided to meet the next day at the shopping centre for a coffee.  After all I knew the guy, his son was in the same class as mine, the chemistry was there… but I still felt very nervous about it.

He came along with his son.  A very over-protective father… He talked about him, himself and he… He did ask me a few questions of course but overall he did the talking. Then we got up and when he gave me a kiss on the cheek… I felt little butterflies in my stomachJ.  We walked down to the video game store and somehow bumped into each other and again the butterflies… and then he kissed me again on the cheek… oh boy it was getting hot in here…

We agreed on doing a dvd night during the week… kids included…

Not even an hour after I left the guy, he sent me a text asking if tonight was too early for that dvd night… so being new at this and not sure what to do, decided to ask a girlfriend who replied: “since when there is a rule book because, just do it!”  And anyway, he had his son; I had my son and daughter…

Kids played video games while we watched a movie and talked a little bit then it was time to go home.  The kids wanted to check something upstairs… and as soon as they were out of sight he just took me in his arms and kissed me…  I have kissed many men in my life and I don’t know if it was because it had been a long time… but gosh he knew how to kiss…  could not remember ever feeling like that while being kissed… Please don’t stop was all I could think… but it had to stop once the kids were on their way downstairsL.

The following Friday he text me saying that the kids had organise a sleep over at my house and asking if he could join too.  He was fulltime working dad and was heavily involved with sports… and that night he looked very tired. He also promised his son he would sleep on the couch downstairs… and those had no intention of falling asleep easily… so I just went to bed and he fell asleep on the couch.  In the morning I found him reading a book on the couch… I made pancakes for the kids and then they took off…

He did mention though that he still had to take me out for diner and since Valentine’s Day was approaching, I thought he would do it on that day. But I did not hear a word from him until the following Saturday morning… and not what I expected either, a text message:  “Hi Prisqua. Could you ask your son not to be so rough at school. My son has got skin off his knee and his elbow and is walking with a limp today.  He said your son threw him to
the ground and kicked him.  I know that boys will be boys and there’s always 2 sides to the story… but your son has done this to other kids before.  Because other mothers have told me.  Don’t want to make a big deal.  Just don’t want to see my son getting hurt.
”  It took 3 texts to write this one lol and that was the end of it after a few other messages to clarify the situation but got nowhere.  And about a week later he sent out a kiss to a girlfriend of mine… to which she replied:  â€œI appreciate your honesty” haha

I like to nickname people in my phone book instead of deleting them or until I delete them and he gained the nickname of “coward” 🙂 I know, it is mean 🙁


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