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May 13, 2008

The Complexities Of Life Simplified by PrisquaWelcome to MY online world!

About 3 weeks ago my job was terminated.  It was a 3-month period trial and I absolutely loved the job except for a few things – no job is perfect right? That was totally unexpected as a few weeks prior I was told that I did not have to worry, the job would be mine…  so I went to work as usual and when I was just about to go on my lunch break, my boss called me into his office:

“Sorry but I have to let you go.  You can finish the day or you can go home now,” handing me a letter at the same time…  What was the reason: personality clash with the same person who told me the job was mine, who helped me with putting a roof over my head, who used to drive me sometimes back home….  I took the letter saying “I’m going home” and stormed out of the office…

What else was I supposed to do?  Go and ask her why she got my trial terminated? Would that have changed anything?

But a personality clash is a big thing for me to take on board, not that get along with everyone but I am an easy going person, open-minded, not into gossip of any kind… I just go with the flow…  Not only that, it is not like we were working in the same office and she had been away for the past couple of weeks… so where that came from I am not sure and was a very big surprise.  It was not like her job was threatened or anything as she has like 20 years experience….  I was just an assistant who happened to be a quick learner but not to the point of matching 20 years experience… no way!!!  Someone said to me maybe it was jealousy… but jealous of what?  I could probably understand it coming from a 20 years old but not really from someone in her mid 50s and a divorced mother…

And while I was trying to comprehend what had just happened… and texting back and forth with my boyfriend, something else just hit me:  I had not seen my boyfriend for one week!  OMG…  and I so did not want to hear it but I just knew… so I asked…. and so I got…

Oh well, that was a record breaker for me: 3 weeks… but that’s a story for another post…

No job… no boyfriend… life sucks

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