July 13


A personal update…

By Prisqua

July 13, 2009

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I have not been personal in a while I think… but now I have a schedule!  Since at the moment all I can do is blogging and I seem to be doing quite a fair bit of praising lately, I thought I may as well do what I advise others to do lol

I had a look at all my blogs and decided on which day and what subject I was going to post about… I have to admit I am not quite finished but for one site it did work out very well as I managed to have articles scheduled for each day. Having a subject for each day just makes it way easier and I feel kinda more efficient 🙂

So on here, I decided every Monday will be a personal update. My boyfriend actually suggested that this blog should remain 100% personal and though I do value his opinion very much I just don’t see myself posting everyday about me or what is going on around me…. We’ll see how it goes…

Anyway, on to the personal update…

I have been back to Australia for nearly 3 weeks and I am still catching up with friends.

Last Saturday night one of our friends asked us to go to this restaurant to support another friend who was singing there for the first time. I would also be able to catch up with a friend I had not seen in over a year so I was looking forward to seeing her.

She arrived, said hello to the four of us, and something happened just as she sat down that got her obviously very very upset…

The boyfriend (been together for a year) showed up at the same restaurant to support the same friend, except he was in the company of 5 women… actually they had to set a bigger table… 10 people…. so 1 guy and 9 women… no wonder she was upset!

So did not get a chance to catch up with her and tell her my big news…

I also missed out on catching up with another friend because I was so so sick a few weeks ago…  a friend who just go engaged and is wearing a $55,000 engagement ring from Cartier! One of my friends said: “it’s the price of a car!” Yes, the price of a nice car or 3 cheap ones…  and no they are not millionaires, they are just your average early 40s people but after thinking about it, my friend and I decided: they dont have kids!


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