January 21


I’m not there yet but damn, I’m progressing.

By Prisqua

January 21, 2016

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This week was my first day back at the gym. I even did a stretch session before going in. Every muscle in my body is hurting.

I know this year I will only manage to get to the gym twice a week for sure but will push for three whenever possible. I will have to think of different ways to exercise outside the gym. I will maintain my daily walks because it is good for the mind and I enjoy listening to audio books.

Diet wise, I had to change a few things. In the last few months of last year I had been slack which resulted as being vitamin B deficient and had to get the shots. At first I thought I was tired because I get up at 4:30am. Exhaustion would hit me in the middle of the day and I would just fall onto my bed and lay there, unable to move. I blame it on my poor diet. Not that I eat crap, I just did not eat enough. I hate cooking. I hate going to the grocery store and when I do, I opt for the easy option: pasta or ready-made meals you can cook in the microwave. Because I do not have to cook for anyone else but me, it has left me being complacent and lazy.

But when you are surrounded by fit people, it helps and it’s even better when they put you straight.

One of my friends told me to eat a banana first thing in the morning instead of having a croissant. I know, but I am French so I should be excused for that little mishap. I was having 2 croissants in the morning because they are not the ones you see in a bakery; those ones are tiny. One day I decided to do calorie counting with my Fitbit to check what I was eating during the day. I realised one tiny croissant had 224 calories. So by 5am I had already consumed 450 calories which included bad fat and sugars. That is why I decided to only have one to limit the damages, or so I thought. Since I was still falling asleep around 9am, having one or two croissants did not make a difference.

On New year’s day, I decided my friend Ben and I should climb Mount Coolum, that it would be a nice thing to do on the first day of the year. I did not think the whole Sunshine Coast would have the same idea! It was busy. As usual, I was quite puffed out climbing that mountain (I do it once a week) while Ben was climbing as if he was taking a stroll at the park. He would stop sometimes, pretending to admire the view while he was in fact waiting for me. ” See, you should have a banana in the morning.” he said smiling at me.
I replied with a grin on my face, “tomorrow I’ll have a banana. But for now can you pretend to be puffed out a little just so I don’t feel too bad about not being fit?”

That’s how the banana-in-the-morning thing started. Daughter has also decided to take that path which is quite surprising but at least she is doing one thing right a day when it comes to her diet.

8 am.

Me: Ben, I’m starving.
Ben: Did you have your croissant?
Me: Nope! You told me not to.
Ben: You can have your croissant if you really want to, just not first thing in the morning.
Me: Rushing to the freezer to bake one croissant.

I'm not there yet but damn, I'm progressing.Since I want to do the right thing, I have decided to only have croissants on weekends. I have a banana first thing in the morning every single day though. I even rush to the shop to buy bananas when I realise there’s only one left in the cupboard.

Being up that early, a banana is not filling, I still get hungry by 8am. So I have muesli with added mixed berries and sometimes I add half a banana.

I go walking late in the afternoon now, because even though I have a dark skin, it does not really appreciate the sun at the moment. I would love to go running again at night. Last year when I did it for a while I found it quite therapeutic as well as feeling great afterwards. But I have not yet reach that point to make that decision and stick with it. The hot weather is still my excuse for now. I also have to get my treadmill back for rainy days although I have managed so far to squeeze a walk between showers. And I will definitely join a tennis club this winter though I would love to learn to play squash in summers.

So nothing major is happening about my health and fitness. I am just taking small steps for now, still trying to figure out a schedule I can stick with. I’m also finding the right people to have around because it helps immensely to have a support group.

Until next time, keep going!


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