July 26


Team work in a relationship

By Prisqua

July 26, 2009

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One of the best parts in our relationship is  team work. Of course it helps to be both interested in the same kind of things most of the time. And I suppose it all started with our gaming since we only used to play co-op games and co-op games do require team work.  Only once we play against  each other and I did no like being killed 100s of times by my other half! Working together is way way better 🙂

The other day, I mentioned in this post that my boyfriend thought I should keep this blog totally personal and mainly for the fact that I can’t see myself updating my blog on a personal basis that often, I basically denied what he said.

Until I came across the above video which really inspired me and also immediately reminded me of what my other half had said about keeping this blog personal.  So I have to take it as  a sign and decided to follow up on this by removing all posts with no comments or ping-back which are not really related to me personally to another site called the Love, Dating & Relationships blog. And I shall try to keep this blog, -my home &  starting point, updated as much as I can with personal stuff or whatever I feel like writing about.



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