June 18


The battle of the x’s

By Prisqua

June 18, 2008

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Well it was not really a battle but it just sounded goodJ Morning I was talking with my ex-husband and in the evening I was talking with my ex-boyfriend.

I had to meet with my ex-husband in the morning to discuss and organise me moving to Sydney with my son… I have to fly to Sydney and need him to watch the kids for a few days.

I had not talked to my ex-boyfriend since we broke up.  He wanted us to be friends and I thought “well I don’t want to be just your friend…”  But somehow I also knew he meant it and he would probably be one of those rare great friends… but still, I did like the man more than I was supposed to and friendship at this point was not an option.

So I sent him a text in the morning asking him if he wanted to catch up before I leave town and to my surprise he said “yes, I will see you later”. And yes I was surprised he would say yes instantly and no I don’t know why I was surprised but then again, that guy had always surprised me in so many ways… therefore I should expect the unexpected with himJ

Like everyone else, he was wondering why would I be leaving the Sunshine Coast to go to Sydney?? Even tried to talk me out of it!?  And I swear there was something in his eyes that left me wondering… or was it something only I wanted to see? 

My mind is made up: I am leaving!  I don’t have anything to hold me back here.  My son wants to go.  My ex-husband finally agreed to it.  My daughter doesn’t mind as she wants to stay with her father.  My best friend said it was a great idea!  Other friends have expressed their concerns but they don’t have enough weight in my life to make me re-consider my decision.  Some are wondering if it has anything to do with that gorgeous Mr Navy Guy I just met… sorry to disappoint but NO! Though… he is a very good catch… lol

So what about the ex-boyfriend?? Could he make me change my mind?  Would I re-consider if he gave us a second chance? Mmmmmm… I guess hope and dreams are what keep us going J


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