June 20


Teenagers Clutter Management Should Be Taught at School!

By Prisqua

June 20, 2008

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Teenagers Clutter ManagementI am trying to teach my daughter about clutter management but I think I may as well give up now.

About 3 or 4 months ago, I agreed on taking on my daughter’s friends  as she was having issues with her mother and was apparently kicked out of her home…  She was only 14 and I thought it would be a very temporary solution, a few weeks at most…  and it felt as she was already living in my home as she was always sleeping over! But I did not realized that the friend also had a clutter management problem!

Her stay has been quite disruptive on my household even though my daughter denies it.  When one does something the other one will follow…  No matter what I do or say, they will not listen… and if I dare say to my daughter her friend is not welcome into our home anymore, she will just attack me…  And all I am asking is little things like…GOING TO SCHOOL for one and organize everything in their bedroom, maybe go to a clutter management class or even Google it to get some tips on closet organization or something!  Learn how to declutter so that it would not be such a dram to clean up a bedroom!

I don’t think this was too much to ask… and before we moved to this house, the friend was sleeping in the guest room so instead of one messy room there were 2 messy bedrooms…

One day a girlfriend of mine dropped by and I showed her the state of the room which was actually worse than the picture shown below as this is not as bad as it usually is… and I should have taken the before & after shots because that day we decided to put some order in the room.  It took us one hour and half… When the girls came home, not only I did not get a “thanks for cleaning the room” or something along that line but it was trashed within 30 minutes!

And the friend has not come home!  She was out all night.  We tried to call her, send her text… nothing… and the friend has one of those  hip-top mobile phones that never leaves her sight… But she has been found.  I don’t know her story yet but it better be good one…  One thing for sure is that she was not taking clutter management classes!

Teenagers Clutter Management


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