September 2


Turning my Blog Carbon Neutral

By Prisqua

September 2, 2011

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Turning my Blog Carbon NeutralIs your blog carbon neutral yet? Mine is now! Let me tell you about a wonderful initiative I read about on A Green Eyes View Blog. I joined, and after you read my post, if you keep your own blog I’ll guarantee you’ll want to join as well!

To be honest, although I believe that we deserve a clean, healthy planet, there’s not much I do about it. Sure, I like eco-friendly companies, I always try to recycle paper, I avoid wasting water by leaving the tap running while I do the washing up or I brush my teeth. One thing I always try to do is reading the labels of every cosmetic product I buy, because I hate the idea I could be supporting animal testing in labs. Therefore, I make sure that everything I buy is approved by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). But I always think there’s so much I could still do to help!

As you probably know by now, I spend many hours writing. Some of my stuff I publish in this blog. What I didn’t know, was that this activity alone can pollute the atmosphere. Don’t you believe me? I’m serious! According to the “1 blog, 1 tree” movement, the average blog can generate 8 lbs of carbon in a year! How can it be? Easy: consider how many computers need to be working at the same time, among servers, your own computer, the cooling equipment… and if you count the visits your blog receives, even more! This blog has been online for quite a while, and I’ve never realize it was polluting!

Should we stop blogging, then? That would be useless: we can’t shut the Internet down. Then again, how can you compensate for the damage you have already done without even noticing? Easy! By planting a tree you can turn your blog carbon neutral, because you’d compensate the carbon emissions it produces. Trees absorb CO2 when they do the photosynthesis. Although it is very difficult to tell exactly how much carbon can a tree absorb in a year (because it depends on many different conditions, such as the type of tree, the weather conditions, the light exposure, etc.), it is a significant amount, enough to compensate the carbon emissions produced by your blog in a year.

I love trees. However, I don’t have a green thumb, plants have never grown when I take care of them (when a friend of mine goes away on holidays, they don’t even ask me to water their plants because they know I would just forget about them LOL). Wouldn’t it be great if someone could do the planting for me? That sounds about right!

By writing a post about the initiative to make your blog Carbon Neutral, inserting the lovely “My Blog Is Carbon Neutral” button, and then sending an e-mail to, you’ll get a tree planted in the name of your blog. Then, you can relax, knowing that your carbon emissions are compensated. Go carbon neutral: easy as pie!


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