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TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal

By Prisqua

November 19, 2010

Marina and the diamonds, tv

TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal from Marina & the Diamonds – Oh No!

A while ago, we discussed things we learn from the movies. It all begun when I read this on a friends Facebook status: ‎”TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal” – Marina and the diamonds. I can’t say I agree, but it’s definitely an interesting viewpoint that I’m sure resonates with a lot of people.

Has TV taught us a lot about life experiences? This is what I’ve learnt so far:

–          Sometimes “talented” and “pathetic” go hand in hand. If you look like hell, you dress with whatever you’ve found abandoned in an old shelter, your hair seems as if you are carrying a dead cat on your head, but your voice is amazing, be prepared to be a star!

–          If a girl is a couple of days late, she’s definitely PREGNANT! Chances increase if she’s had sex only ONCE, and it’s even more likely if it was with someone she wasn’t supposed to! But it doesn’t matter: she will probably have a miscarriage once she’s pushed down the stairs by her evil archenemy!

–          No one gets resurrected immediately in an E.R. room. At least, not until the machine has shown no pulse at all for a couple of minutes, the experienced doctor says “it’s time to let go” and the young passionate medicine student, in tears, hits the patient on the chest saying “I won’t, I won’t give up!”. THEN the machine beeps.

–          Sex goes in slow motion, and there barely is any action below the waist!!! It’s all about gestures and moans… and they always tangle the sheets!

–          Kind, gentle best friends, together with cute family dogs, usually die. Even more: they usually die in front of the main character (being hit by a bus or something), and he or she can do nothing to avoid it, only crying their names out loud and freezing.

–          If a person coughs, he or she is likely to be sick with a terminal disease.

–          No one ever dials a wrong number. Unless they are about to meet the love of their life.

–          No matter how much a commercial break has lasted. It can always last a minute more. However, if you are trying to catch that hilarious commercial all your coworkers are laughing at by the water cooler, you’ll never, EVER see it. It will even get removed from Youtube.

–          Most of the doors in NYC remain surprisingly unlocked. And most taxi drivers have better things to do that, I don’t know, pick up a passenger, perhaps? However, if you are in a rush to get to the airport, most of the times the taxi driver will  be cool with passing red lights and almost crushing into huge vans. FWY, this also applies to romantic comedy plots!

–          No one ever goes shopping and comes back home with, at least, four full bags!

–          You can perfectly see a whole room through a tiny peephole without being noticed.

TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal from Marina & the Diamonds - Oh No!Marina & the Diamonds – Oh No!

Don’t do love, don’t do friends
I’m only after success
Don’t need a relationship
I’ll never soften my grip

Don’t want cash, don’t want car
Want it fast, want it hard
Don’t need money, don’t need fame
I just want to make a change
I just wanna change (x4)

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be
I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine
I’m now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy
Oh, oh no, oh no, oh no

One track mind, one track heart
If I fail, I’ll fall apart
Maybe it is all a test
Cause I feel like I’m the worst
So I always act like I’m the best

If you are not very careful
Your possessions will possess you
TV taught me how to feel
Now real life has no appeal
It has no appeal (x4)

(chorus repeat twice)

I’m gonna live, I’m gonna fly,
I’m gonna fail, I’m gonna die,
I’m gonna live, I’m gonna fly
I’m gonna fail, gonna die, die, die, die

(chorus repeat twice)

Oh, oh no, oh no, oh no


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