September 2


Site & Personal Updates

By Prisqua

September 2, 2008

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Working on my site but the images are not working so trying to figure it out. Figured it out now. Have to re-do my header banner as resizing made it look like crap! But please let me know if you find something that does not look right or is not working… thanks!
Working on a serie of dating tips and re-publishing 3 e-books… well more than that but 3 mainly on the dating topic…. Have so many things going on that it is taking me a bit more time.
One of my sites has been overlooked since mid-last year until I received a Paypal complaint so I have to straigthen up my affairs…

On the personal side… yes there is some things going on… which have kept me away from Plurk too… not ready to reveal it all yet… Just keep on reading that is all I can say!
Bye for now… xo


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Coffee in the mornings is a must! I hunt and shoot aliens as therapy a few hours every day. Work sometimes demands that I tweet, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I never leave home without my 5 inch stilettos, iPhone and of course a possible good story.

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