July 11


7 Facts About Me

By Prisqua

July 11, 2008

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Got this one passed on tagged by Mr. Fast.

Here are the rules:

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So, let’s go… seven random things about me:

1. I am terrified of spiders. It does not matter the size, tiny or huge I will scream and run away (if I can)!
2. I quit smoking in January 2005 and I am still craving for a cigarette but I know if I even try again, I would smoke again. So now I just enjoy people smoking around me.
3. My favorite colors are black & red.
4. I love cherries and will only have cherry jam on my toasts.
5. I LOVE tall men (5.9-6ft at least) and tattoos on a guy’s upper arms turn me on… 😉
6. I collected Barbie dolls until a few years ago and was devastated when my daughter chose Bratz dolls over Barbie 🙁
7. I love the British accent, I think it is oh so sexy! (Especially men…)

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