July 30


My Ideal Man: Clarifications

By Prisqua

July 30, 2008

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Reading some of the comments, I just wanted to clarify 2 things about my ideal man

1. Yes I would love to find someone special and if I was that desperate I would be dating… It is not like if I was not asked out but no guy has been able to sweep me off my feet so far. In fact I could even compete with Mr Fast’s quest and beat him in no time… but it is  not the path I want to take…

Ideal man2. My IDEAL man would be a tall, athletic, handsome guy like my good mate Matt here…  And he does have the tattoo… upper arm…hmmm… just the way I like it! We chat frequently, web cam on, so yes it is definitely his body… lol I would sooo date Matt if he lived in the same state….:(

But this is just an “ideal”… so anything could happened… I am an open minded person… It is not just about the look of a person. I might be stereotyping here, but most tall, athletic & handsome guys are total jerks!

My ex-husband was as tall as me and I still married him… I fell in love with the person, who he was, his character, charm…it was not about how he looked or what he had. I actually said no when he asked me out the first time.

So I am waiting to find the rare exception to the rule of an ideal man


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  • How are things going with you and Matt? Knowing the you chat frequently, you must know a lot about him by now and realize he is not a jerk. I hope you two meet, because I think you really like him.

  • Matt exercises 4 times a week, for about one hour, he does that straight after so it is over and done with… But I do realise that some guys will spend way more time at the gym and it could possibly affect a relationship.

  • Hi Prisqua,

    Even as a male, I have to admit that your friend Matt has a well-trained body. Congratz to him, because I’m sure he puts in a lot of effort to maintain it.

    Which brings me to the following question: if you hook up with a guy with such an athletic body, you may not see him too much around the house, since I’m sure he’ll have to work out a lot after work.

    So I’m glad to read a great body is not your main concern in your quest 🙂


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