December 4


Cocky pickup lines to use or not to use

By Prisqua

December 4, 2008

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Have you seen movies where a guy uses a pickup line to get a girl?  Most likely, you have.  It happens in most comedy movies, but does it happen in real life?   Of course, it does.  That doesn’t mean it is a good idea though…

Before focusing on the pros and cons of using a pickup line to meet a girl and get a date, know that pickup lines come in a number of different formats.  Honestly, it all depends on who you ask.  Some classify “hi, how are you doing tonight?” or “are you having as much fun as me?” as pickup lines.  For this article, we are going to focus on the funny, yet occasionally cocky pickup lines, like the ones you see in comedy movies.

So, what exactly is a funny, yet cocky pickup line?  It is one where overconfidence just pours from you.  It screams “I am a good catch.  I know it and now you will too.”  A few cocky pickup lines include:

“I’m going outside to make out.  Do you care to join me?”
“I have big feet!”
“Do you work for UPS?  Because I could have sworn you were checking out my package.”

As previously stated, just because there are a ton of pickup lines available online for you to use, it doesn’t mean you should.  Many times, they backfire.  For example, the above mentioned pickup line of “I have big feet.”  We all know what that implies.  It is great to have confidence, but this takes it a little bit too far.  You want to score a date with a girl, not have her think you are a cocky jerk.  If you really want to hit a homerun, focus on rounding the bases first.  After all, you got to start somewhere.  If you use this pickup line, at least say hi first.

Another reason why you should avoid cocky pickup lines is because most imply sex.  Yes, both men and women have one-night stands, but that doesn’t meant the woman you are talking to does.  If you truly want to score in the bedroom, get an official date first.  Pickup lines, like “I’m going outside to make out.  Do you care to join me?” implies that the woman wants sex right then and there.  Yes, you may actually get lucky, but don’t make a woman feel slutty.

There are a number of downsides to using the pickup lines that are the brunt of many jokes, but it may just work to your advantage.  Are you willing to take a gamble or are you really a fun and overconfident guy?  If so, be yourself and let the pickup lines flow out.  Depending on what you say, some women may laugh and walk away, some may walk away in disgust, but you may just get a giggler who stays.

In short, you do take a gamble when using a funny and cocky pickup line to meet a woman and ask her on a date.  So, what should you do?  Be yourself.  If a pickup line comes out, just wait and see what happens.  With that said, don’t research cocky pickup lines at home unless you intend to joke around with friends.  If you can’t come up with a good line on your own, it is better left unsaid.


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  • Pickup lines are pretty funny, and most of them don\’t work. A few of them do – there\’s a book (click my name in the link) that has some proven ones.

  • Geez what a jerk! I’ll take advice from Prisqua anytime. 🙂 Or does he think that’s pickup line? If so…. i don’t think it will work! lol

  • No offense but who would take advice from you? You clearly point out in your blog that your life is less than stable in many areas, so it seems clear to me that advice may not be your thing.

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