August 2


What Constitutes A Decent Man In 2010?

By Prisqua

August 2, 2010

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What constitutes a decent man in 2010?We women are quick to use the cliched phrase there aren’t any good men left out there but its getting truer and truer by the day. How do you determine what a good man is in 2010? When was the last time we actively looked for that decent man instead of just conveniently scooping up which ever men come our way?

In past generations, a decent man was quite different than what one would consider a decent man by today’s standards. In the past you needed to provide for us and our family, make sure the boys knew how to catch a ball or ride a bike, and be an all around good guy. You were judged not only by us, but by your peers, your family, and your parents. If you made a mistake, everyone knew about it and you would be humiliated. There were no divorces, just therapy and continued marriage.

Today’s average man is a far cry from the man of yesteryear and because of this our definition of a good man has decreased as well. What has happened to our society when he only has two kids and by the same woman is a selling point? When as long as he comes home at night I don’t care what he does during the day is more of a motto than a defense mechanism? Having a job shouldn’t be a positive attribute it should be a given.

We live in an era where you can contact people half way across the globe in a matter of seconds and utilizing a handful of methods, yet we still struggle to find that decent man. Is this our own doing? Are we not trying hard enough to find that one good guy in a sea of rejects? What are some of the methods you employ to filter out the good from the bad?

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  • I agree. I think so many women look for the that bad boy, and how much money he makes. They should look at how he treats his mother, and the relationship that he had with father. How has he treated women in past relationships, and how does he interact with other people?

  • There are a lot of good men still out there. Sometimes women may not be looking for the right qualities so they end up with bad men. Give the nice guys a chance.

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