October 12


Day one…. (10/10/2008)

By Prisqua

October 12, 2008

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Finally the big day has arrived… Right now I am in the sky…. lol  I am in the plane flying to Dallas, Texas…. yes in the United States…  I have been counting the days and so do my friends whom I am about to meet!

I got up this morning at 4:30 am after a sleepless night….(Typing on a plane is as hard as typing on a bus if not harder… lol)  I got to the airport about 2 hours before my flight and the crowd that was already queuing… that was unbelievable!  Then I was giving a plastic bag to put all my cosmetics… I was so proud of my little make up bag and now you are telling me that I have to empty it and put everything in a plastic bag???!!  Not happy 🙁

So now I am in the plane feeling a little tipsy after two vodka (one was a double shot) and a red wine… not that I cant handle alcohol but try to drink following the movement of the plane…that plane just does not want to stay still!  And it has only been 3 hours!!! So I had to surrender to the sleeping pills and waiting on my yet another vodka hoping that will put me down until breakfast! lol

I also watched Hancok… which was ok, I really wanted to see that movie… not great but ok…  well keep me occupied for an hour and something…. still another 9 hours to go… but Sex & the city and Don’t mess with the Zohan” should keep me busy…

Then what….  Well I will be landing in L.A where I have to rush to my connecting flight to take me to Dallas to meet… a guy… ( can’t reveal everything at once lol).  I am also furious because my carry bag got wet and so my spare of clothes are wet too…  I have only 2 hours to get to my connecting flight and I was told not to waste anytime… to just rush to get my boarding  pass and then if I have to time to do what I need to do…  All I wanted to do was to get a sim card so that I can make calls and let everyone know that I am safe but most importantly to get change and put make up on… So it seems I will have to skip the sim card part and wait to get to  Dallas… now as for getting changed… that cannot be avoided… well I could probably do that on the plane but maybe try to put on make up in the airport…  Well I have just been to the toilets in the plane… let me tell you I am far from being obese but I am having a very hard time imagining myself getting changed in that oh so little confined place… I can try but that is going to be a tough job…but one thing for sure, make up will have to be applied on land, no other way around it! Holding a glass of wine is hard enough, cant see myself applying eye liner without significant damage to my face… unless I want to give first impression that I am a clown!

Well my batteries are running a bit low so will have to take a break for now. OMG I can see all the typos… lucky I am not publishing as is lol

Until next time, have fun!


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