August 19


Follow your heart!

By Prisqua

August 19, 2008

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Follow your heart!
Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and go where your heart takes you...

I finally told one of my closest friends what was going in my life at the moment.  We have known each other for about 11 years now.  She knows my parents, my in-laws, my ex-husband, my friends…  She was in the water with me, massaging my back when I was giving birth to my son.  She is the one who called an ambulance when she feared for my life and thought at that stage of my life I was better off in professional hands… She is a best friend, a big sister, a mother…  I am so grateful to have her in my life. But our views of life are totally different if not opposite!  I’ll say black and she will say white!  But i suppose because we’ve always been honest with each other and even though we’ve had some heated arguments, our friendship has remained strong.

But when it comes to Internet, she would be the last person to talk to!

In fact anything that is “latest technology” is the last of her worry!  I am the one who actually introduced her to the “cordless phone” and the dishwasher! lol  But she will always try to understand and tell me what she thinks.

And i could not get a better “neutral” feedback really.

A friend of her husband actually met someone online who lives in the States and she is actually here in Australia to meet him. We don’t know more because she actually can’t stand the guy!  So she cannot understand why a woman would fall for such “a selfish arrogant pig”! lol  She thinks he must have portrayed himself has this really nice guy… therefore she has lots of doubts about this. Personally I  have met this guy only a few times, had diner once at this place and heard all the stories that make my friend despise him!

I have met a lot of people from the Internet.  And I must say, all of them were pretty much as I expected them to be from the chat/emails or whatever…. I have not had any really big surprises, no matter the outcome and whether we stayed friend or not.

She was very supportive when I wanted to move to Sydney as she thinks moving would be the best thing for me… And if it has to be in another country, she thinks it is also fantastic! But that I should still proceed with caution… and I also have my children to think about…

I also managed to talk to another close friend of mine, who has a very very special place in my heart… and he told me “to go for it!” and coming from him… that means the world to me…

Following my heart has never been an issue for me. I will do what I have to do.  I would not be here in Australia today had I not followed my heart…. And I have no problem doing it again… I just have to figure out the $3000 plane ticket…lol

Thank you for your support…

Your song…


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