July 18


Girlfriend loves to complain

By Guest

July 18, 2010


Girlfriend loves to complainAccept it, a girlfriend loves to complain! If somebody had told me a year ago that I would be sitting in a cafe with this beautiful, intelligent chick, I would have found it extremely improbable. But if the same person had said that I would be stuck here for hours listening to her non-stop whining on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I would have called them nuts. And still, here I am… Today, it’s her boss that is driving her crazy. He called last night when we were making out (ok, she has a point!). But still, that doesn’t explain every other occasion I have heard her grumbling.

Is it just me… or is it true that most girls are easily irritated by nonsense? What’s up with all the yakking? Why is it that they complain so much? The other guys say that their girls are pretty much the same. At least mine doesn’t have many strong arguments against me (and that is more than most of my friends get to say!).

Last week it was all about her mother. She knows mom loves her, she’s her little princess and she will always be. But she can’t stand when mother becomes too possessive: how come she has to ask permission for going out? Isn’t she in her twenties already? (I admit it myself, I hate it when my mom calls me two days in a row, so let’s allow my girlfriend to get a little fussy on this one).

When she’s unemployed, she gets bored pretty quickly, and then she complains about how she has nothing to do with her life. When she has a job, she’s just working too hard, and she doesn’t have time for herself. When her friends demand more of her time, she feels suffocated, when they disappear for a while, they are neglecting her and she claims most of the other girls take friendship for granted. Well, at least this shows that she has values, like work and friends, I like that she’s so passionate. Most of the guys I know would only get upset if their beer wasn’t cold enough.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on her own image: her hair is not straight enough (does anyone care about this, anyway?), her clothes don’t quite suit her, her shoes are unbelievably expensive and yet, not quite comfortable… For me, she always looks great! She cares so much about every single detail when all she has to do is be natural…

Suddenly, I hear my own thought and I realize it sounds as I’m complaining now. I guess in the end, it’s not just that my girlfriend loves to complain. It’s not just something in the girls’ minds that makes them work that way. We guys complain too. I’m starting to believe it’s not about love, it’s not about language or intelligence. Dissatisfaction: maybe that’s what makes us human. I say this last part out loud, and she smiles at me. And that’s it for the whining.


Girlfriend loves to complain

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  • She’s insecure. That’s why she complains. It’s painful to hear this, but the underlying issue is that even with you, she’s unhappy. She might need to work on herself. If you want this relationship to work, support her through everything. BE AN EAR, do not offer advice unless she asks you to. JUST BE THERE FOR HER, UNDERSTAND HER, CUDDLE HER. Be there for her is the point. Don’t tell her how worse off others are or what she should do. Just try to be understanding. Throw in some compliments too and help her boost her self-esteem.

  • How did you know about my mom!? LOL. You should speak with my husband, I think you will have a lot of stories to share to each other. I tend to complain I lot as well, and thank God I have a very understanding hubby.

  • Great post!

    You’re right guys complain as well, as a matter of fact all of us complain and whine too about every mundane thing there is in our life I remember my dad use to say that peop;e would always complain about anything and everything; when its hot and sunny they’d complain about the heat and wish for rain – when it rains, they’d wish for the sun to come up. LOL

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