January 27


I am a woman, hear me roar

By Prisqua

January 27, 2009

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What do those words, ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ mean to you? from Jane’s Inspirations

Stumbled upon a new blog and just loved those words as it reminded me of what happened over the weekend.

I am a single mother of two, i have my fair share of dramas between the kids, the ex, friends, men, love, work, life…. but like most of us i tend to keep everything bottled up inside.  So many thing i have to take care of that I really do not have time to feel sorry for myself.

I got rather upset over the Christmas period but i guess it got resolved pretty quick so i felt ok, actually I felt really happy, it was by far the best Christmas holidays in years.

I was so looking forward to this 3-day weekend but instead I got really upset and it went from bad to worse.

And i guess I’ve had so much in my plate for quite a while, it just reached its toll and on my way back from the shops, in the car, a few tears started to roll down my cheeks… Could not stop it, could not contain myself, I just burst into tears.

Finally got home, ran to my bedroom and just cried and cried for a couple of hours.  My daughter came into the room and asked what was wrong but it is one of those moments when you are totally conscious of what is going around you but at the same time you are totally paralyzed.  Not sure if i make any sense but this is how I felt at the time.  i was really hurt, and a lot of pain and anger had to come out.

But what surprised me is when my daughter who got worried called my best friend and because i did not feel like talking to her my daughter put her on loud speaker and she said horrible things.

She dropped by the next day while my ex-husband was here.  Out of all people, she should know better not to ever talk about me in front of my ex-husband.  Not only that i found out she even called him!!! And here she was again saying horrible things about me.

And my only argument was: aren’t I allowed to cry??

Do I need a reason to cry? Do I have to explain why I felt crying all of a sudden?  Can’t I just cry because I may just need it?

I am a woman, hear me ROAR


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  • My daughter is 13… and yes it was not like little cries… that is why I felt “hear me roar” fit perfectly 🙂
    I can understand my daughter but as for my friend…

  • Never understood how we could be friends, we have different point of view on life, totally extreme… One thing I noticed this time is that everytime we have argued, there are a few things she will always say…

  • How old is your daughter? With your crying, you were probably really scaring her, so she did the sort of thing that I’d say was smart to do – calling your friend.

    On your friend getting your ex involved though? blah!

  • ‘but it is one of those moments when you are totally conscious of what is going around you but at the same time you are totally paralyzed.’

    That makes perfect sense to me, I’ve been there so many times.

    I can relate so much to this blog post. Often I cry for no reason other than that I feel totally overwhelmed with life. I’m sorry that your best friend responded so horribly to your pain. That must have made things so much worse.

    Being a single parent can be a draining, thankless task that gets to the best of us at times. Just know that you aren’t alone.

    Thank you for participating in Jane’s Inspirations. I enjoyed your post very much. I hope that you are doing better now.

    All the best,


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