August 14


I kick ass!!??

By Prisqua

August 14, 2008


Well I don’t think I do but some people seems to think so….  I really want to thanks Mr fast with his
Girl Quest blog for putting me on the line here as a kick ass blogger!  Mr fast is the man I should hate because he is the type of guy who makes my quest a bit more challenging…  But since he seems to be failing his quest…..*smiling… and laughing*  … Just kidding!
He is a sweetheart and I really enjoy reading his (mis)adventures so check him out…

Now it is my turn to return the favour and pass on the Kick Ass Award to my 5 favourites bloggers:

Diary of a Disillusioned EX-Dater:  because I love to read what the opposite sex thinks…. ( am still trying to figure out the male specie…)

Eavesdropping in the Boys Club: I came across this blog not so long ago and absolutely love some of the insights…. from a man’s point of view again….

The Last Theory: the  love for a good story to follow, to keep me in suspense and I was supportive of the idea…. though still waiting on the next chapter…

1000 Web Dates: if I don’t put a female’s blog,  I will get my head chopped off by some… lol so here we go… a woman’s point of view on dating… a woman’s experiences I can relate to and take advice from…

Casanova Shrugged: I always save the last for the best… and not because I love the man behind it… and it is not for the faint hearted soul… could not even categorize it! But I can’t resist a deep thought provoking blog…


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