October 8


Just a very silly/crazy thought for today….

By Prisqua

October 8, 2008

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I was just talking to someone the other night when he said “I bet you are a great kisser…” I just laughed… But then in one of those moments when you have nothing else to do but think about useless stuff… that came back to mind…

Well I actually never been told that I was a great kisser and I have not told a guy he was a great kisser either (or not that I can remember anyway)… But I would probably tell my girlfriend…  Like sex, I think kissing is
different for every guy… Only 2 that I can remember where bad… One was my very first boyfriend…  Even though I knew nothing about kissing back then, I was clearly disappointed by his kisses and I was really wondering what was the big deal about kissing a boy!  Thanks for the second boyfriend that
came along who clarified things for me… that was much much better….

In my opinion kissing is like dancing: the guy has to lead!

A guy asked me once to dance a Lambada at some party…  and I knew he was a pro and warned him that I had never danced the Lambada one on one like that…  He could not believed I had never danced a Lambada before!
This guy was an amazing dancer and he knew how to lead and I just followed… and that was amazing, I really enjoyed dancing with him! (and apparently we looked terrific too so I was told lol)

So for instance, if a guy kisses a woman passionately, the woman should be able to respond as passionately… but if he is a bad kisser she will be too… it takes two to tango!

And of course there will always be exceptions to the rules….

But if I hear a guy say that a girl is a bad kisser, I would have to wonder who is really at fault there… lol

Only once I felt the need to tell the guy if he could try to do better… he did… a little… but I suppose he was young….

Not that I care really, but I thought it was quite funny to think about it…

Until my next crazy thought…. Have fun!



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  • I agree with you completely, and share my feelings on this with you..
    For a while now I have enjoyed being one of those ‘great kissers’, as others have told me (please, I’m not bragging, but I do take passionate kissing very seriously) OK, fine…this is bragging–I am that good! My last ‘goodbye kiss’ with my girlfriend resulted in a two hour delay for my departure :p I was only saying goodbye, but a kiss is a kiss, and I don’t waste them.
    I have run into two women in recent years who kiss as if they just learned yesterday! Not matter what lead I’d take, I was suffocated by an incessant tongue attempting to massage my vocal cords! I mean, come on, already…can we use our lips a little, too, please? Where’s the sensuality in sticking your tongue four inches down the back of someone’s throat and swirling around! Agghhhhh!!
    One I had to quickly abandon based *solely* on that problem alone. The other, I felt awkward, but tried to teach a little…it got better, but never felt genuine for the simple fact that it wasn’t in their body language already, for they were merely reacting to my instructions like a robot.
    I beg anyone who may have an idea they’re not doing it ‘quite right’ by the reaction of their partner to take a step back, slow down, explore a little, and use your kissing to get inside the soul of the other person. Kissing is not just some act performed to greet your spouse on the way to work, or a required act during lovemaking, but,in fact, it is completely an ART of its own.
    My lips are my greatest asset. ♥

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