October 7


Why do men have to act like idiots sometimes?

By Prisqua

October 7, 2009

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I say “sometimes” just to be nice and to avoid saying “all the time” or “most of the time”…

Ok, fine.  Maybe the word “idiots” is not really appropriate. But you get my point.

This is an incident that happened a few months ago and raised a little debate between my partner and I that originated ages ago. Because that debate was never quite resolved, little things keep happening bringing the discussion back on the table. It came back again and I have been thinking about it for the past few days.

So now I have to stop and think like a woman… tough one…  but here is what I came up with:

“I am a single woman and one night a friend introduces me to this handsome guy. He is not a very chatty guy but he still ends up in my friends list on Facebook… Being single, and being a woman, I first check his status: hurray, he is single! Later on I meet the guy again but this time I am told that not only he has a girlfriend, he also lives with her! So I go and check his Facebook status again: yep, still single and the girlfriend is not even mentioned anywhere. My opinion: this guy is a player = an asshole! (Excuse my French).”

Of course he does not believe my scenario because he says that “nobody checks the status of another”. I believe that is total BS in my opinion! We always have to know about others. And this is the point of social network sites or why would we have a profile? A single woman will always check the status of a guy she finds interesting/attractive and I am sure men will do the same even if they are married or in a relationship. And there is nothing wrong with that -unless of course there is another agenda behind the checking…

I have no problem with women being interested in my partner. And I understand the “ego” thing: it is always good to know that other people besides our partners and family find us interesting/attractive or whatever else, it is a nice feeling, I get that. As long as we can draw the line somewhere…

But what pisses me off here is the fact that this “issue” was raised for the first time ages ago… and I have to wonder why we are still having that discussion since there is a very simple fix to it…

Another thing too, when his cousin changed his status on FB to “in a relationship with xyz” he saw it…

So I can’t help feeling a bit hurt in that matter.

Sometimes it is just the little things that make a woman happy and men don’t seem to get that.




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  • In this day and age, I wouldn’t put relationships, relatives, children or other personal stuff on the web. Not to be a player, just for security. I list family as friends…

    My sister, on the other hand, is just the opposite and posts pictures of her kids, all her relative’s contacts, and what she does every minute of every day. She’s ripe for identity theft.

    And yes, my own security is at risk when she posts stuff about me and I delete most posts from her now when I can.

    • Hi Larry, I hope you are keeping well.
      I can understand what you are saying and yes identity theft is a big issue on the Internet. But we have managed to keep our Facebook profiles for family and friends only, people we actually know so lots of the people on his profile actually personally know me.

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