September 1


Men or Money?

By Prisqua

September 1, 2010

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I was thinking about what Tyson said “Women Or Money?” and I thought I, as a woman, should express my point of view as well.

While I totally agree on some of his remarks –for example, when he says a 5 dollar bill can’t give you children or rub your back-, I feel a little different about some other ideas. For instance, I quite dislike the idea that “the pursuit of money is more important than the pursuit of women because money naturally begets women”. What we go after is not always money (well, some of us at least, I’m not talking about real gold-diggers, which there are): what we go after is independence.

We may like the fact that a guy can afford his own place, that he is ambitious enough to see himself in a better position in the next five years. We may enjoy an occasional invitation to a fancy restaurant or (why not?) diamond earrings for our birthday. But it’s not that we are after the guy’s money. We want –and we are able to get- money of our own. There was a time when a woman’s survival depended on finding a husband. Those times are gone, like it or not! Now we depend on no one but ourselves.

Women can (and should) have their own money, the same applies for men. And as for guys like Tyler’s friend, who chases women because they can provide him money, are every working girl’s worst nightmare! Us women have fought a long time for economical independence. The last thing we need is a parasite such as that poor fellow. Hey, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be supportive if our man gets fired or is going through a hard time economically speaking, as long as he shows he’s doing his best to change that situation and not hanging on our shoulders permanently.

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Anyway, I would still answer the question the same way as Tyler. Chasing men or chasing money? I would definitely go for money. Let guys chase me if they want so, and I’ll decide whether I want to be chased or not. But as for money, money never chases you! Money doesn’t grow on trees and money won’t bump into you in a bar: you need to go for it! As for boys, I’m ok with a girl asking out a boy instead of just waiting to be asked, but “chasing” them… I don’t know, what can I say, it sounds a bit desperate to me, doesn’t it?

There was a time when a girl would make up, dress pretty and wear perfume to capture the man’s attention. Now we dress up when we have a work interview or chances on getting a scholarship. Good for us, girls! It’s our dreams we have to pursue, not the guy’s. Every time I get the chance to speak with a young girl, I tell her to choose a career, find a job, buy herself a car. The right man will eventually show up (hopefully with a car and an apartment of his own, so he doesn’t depend on us).

What do you think, men or money?


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  • women are fragile, and we love you the way you are…and we want to take care of you like flowers…women are associated with the colors of life and motherhood, please don’t make them dull…please don’t pressurize other women, who want to be submissive and ready to compromise, to work and look like you…care for your children and makes homes better places to live…I hate those who lose everything “good” in their lives just to make some money (even when it is not needed and their partner already is earning more than enf), lose their peace of minds, get raped, ruin their lives, others lives especially their husbands and childern…and one of which is clearly you.

    • A woman does not need to be submissive to compromise though I do think women will compromise more than men will ever do. And unfortunately money and a lot of it, is needed to survive in this greedy world. I don’t know where you come from but I don’t know many people around me who can afford to stay home. Money is not about superiority; it is about paying the bills and if you have enough left over, paying for entertainment because not much is free in life.

      I highly respect my boyfriend who means the world to me and we both have to work, there is no way around it. I am very proud to have him in my life and we both compromise. I absolutely love it when he takes care of me and I look up to him because he is such a wonderful person and I love to take care of him as well and sometimes I wish I had the money to do more for him because I love him not because I want to feel or be superior. We don’t compete about money, we just need money to survive and pay our bills. And our situation is a bit more complicated because he is American.

  • you seem a bit too much disrespectful of a man’s identity…i know that technology and machines have made almost anything easier so that both men and women can do…west has seen the outcomes of it’s so called liberties and unnecessary freedoms, like it or not…you guys don’t have a decent family system, you have the highest crime rate, your kids disrespect their parents all the times, your youth is facing depression and thus suicide is common in them…these are all stats you can’t deny them if you want to confirm do a bit or research and it’ll dawn on to you….all this mostly because western women are so busy makin money outside and trying to pretend that they’re “strong” and competing with their male partners that they lose time on their childern…in this competition between genders, who loses?…your childern and noone else…women like you don’t want to admit that Man has made history and give him respect for that, whatever comforts you enjoy today, they’re all made made mostly…ofcourse freedom and liberty, in limits is a right for either gender…but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to prove yourself “stronger” to the other sex and ignore the consequences

    • First, let’s get a few things straight: I am French and live in Australia and Australia does not have the highest crime rate. My upbringing was a very strict one: in bed by 8.30pm on school nights, not allowed to leave the table until everything on the plate was eaten, not allowed to approach the fridge in between meals and if my sister and I ever did a mistake, we paid the price… very painful. I respect my parents and they taught me good morals and values, but at 37 I still fear my father and because I was not allowed to dislike food, for years I “hated” veggies.

      Disrespect does not come from just the parents; it also comes from this society and so called politicians that are supposed to make this world a better place. Disrespect comes from TV shows that tell our kids it is ok to be pregnant at 15 or that sleeping around and cheating is a daily routine…

      I am disrespectful of a man’s identity? Not true. I love men even though I would have lots of reasons for disliking them. My ex husband never wanted me to work, not because he was earning enough but because he was a jealous and possessive man and no one was allowed to look at me or talk to me. You have no idea what I have gone through to save my marriage.

      I am not stronger but I do have a strong personality which helps to go through the challenges of life. I am not afraid to run to my boyfriend to cry on his shoulder and nothing feels better than being comforted by your other half.

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