June 24


Moving to Sydney or not… that is the question…

By Prisqua

June 24, 2008

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Finally made it to Sydney and it is freezing!!! I think I should have waited summer to decide wether to move or not… lol that weather got me home sick… I went back to my room crying… wanting to go home…

I decided to move to Sydney a few weeks ago after spending the day there with Mr Navy Guy (Yes, I will eventually talk about him…) It reminded me of the time I lived in London…big city, lots of people, lots of things to do…and the fact that I had never been anywhere else but the Sunshine Coast… I really wanted to do something else. And if I had to start again, it may as well be in another city…oh and well if you top it up with Mr Navy Guy and it does look like a perfect picture lol.

I have been living on the Coast for 13 years and have not been anywhere else. Changes can be scary but I don’t mind a change from time to time. I don’t have a job, I don’t have family and my best friend thinks it is a great idea! Let’s put the past behind me and move forward.

My daughter wants to stay with her father, she does not want to leave her friends… but my son is so excited about the idea when I thought he would be the one who would want to stay with his father! But you know, Sydney is only a couple of hours away by plane and if the ticket is booked well in advance you can get some pretty cheap tickets too!

So why not move to Sydney??


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  • Its only normal for the daughter to want to stay with the father and the son to want to stay with the mother.

    I think the move will be like a new start for you and your son.

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