July 4


My man quest or my quest for love??

By Prisqua

July 4, 2008

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Either way it has been put on hold for now.
Dating so far has been disappointing and heartbreaking.
Finding a guy is not an issue here… but I think they must all have read Mr. Fast’s blog and are following his path… lol

His quest is “not to find love” and my quest is “to find love”.  What bothers me about those two quests is that little voice reminding me of what am pretty sure everyone else has been told at least once: “it is when you don’t look that you will find it...”

But I am not looking anymore.  I hardly hang out on the dating sites anymore, I just can’t be bothered.  What is the point: guys can’t be bothered to read the profile, they get stuck on the picture!!??  On one of my profiles I added: “please do not message me if you are under 30!” But that did not make a difference at all!

I don’t ask for much but I would like my man to be tall (180cm at least) and I do mention it on my profiles… does anyone care?  of course not!!! and the list goes on…



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  • It’s your love quest for sure and I’m sure you will succeed with it. True love is just a bit harder to find than acomplishing what I’m doing (and even with that I have huge problems lol) So, my personal advice would be to keep trying – maybe expand your “searching” area a bit more and not limit it to the online area. Good luck!

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