July 3


My Man Quest vs My Girl Quest

By Prisqua

July 3, 2008

Thank you for your comment Mr. Fast, you are totally right, pick up lines do not matter in terms of relationships… I could not agree more… but you still have to make that first step…

How can a guy expect a woman to answer a message like “you are so hot and sexy???” How can they expect to gain the attention of a woman that way?? And while it might impress some, it certainly does not do it for me.
But it is not how great the pick up lines is but more the way it is presented…
One that got my attention was:

“Well arnt YOU the cutest honey!
Youre scrumptious! Can I like put you in my pocket and carry you around? ;0) xoxooxxo”
I thought that was cute, he got my attention and he replied with another cute one:
“Ahhh just to say your a gorgeous honey darling. Why not? Wish we were closer. I’d love to sit across the table from you. xoxo”
And we have been chatting since then…

But I have also seen some great introductions to later find out that, usually by the second email that it would not go any further …


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