August 18


Off Topic: Plurk, Private Plurking and Clique

By Prisqua

August 18, 2008

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Even though I have not been plurking, I still have to clean up my timeline so I do read what other are saying… and lately there has been some debating about private plurking and clique.  It is actually quite funny to see Plurkers arguing and un-friending each other because of Private Plurking! As I have talked about it with other plurkers too, here is my opinion!

There is no difference between a clique and private plurking to over 50 people.

Though I understand the purpose of a clique I find it annoying that they are cluttering my private plurks.  I wish Plurk would create a seprate tab for cliques. I like private plurking because it is personal, one on one… and I think worst case scenario it should be kept for small groups… Once i was in a private plurk of about 10 people because the subject was personal and obviously that person did not want to shate it with the whole Plurkland! And that was fine by me.

Private plurking so the plurk are not searchable through Google??!!  Is this a joke?? lol Well there is a privacy setting so that the timeline can be changed to private and therefore all plurks would only be viewable by friends.  People have a choice when they create their profile to put their real name or create a phony profile so no one knows who they really are.  Personally I don’t care, I always use my real name, I am an open book.  We all have choices so why whinge about it??  If people don’t want to be “searchable” what the freaking hell are they doing on the Net??

Well that was my rambling for the day! I am pretty sure I had more to say but can’t remember. if si I will edit this post lol Now I will go and work on my next post…. bye for now 🙂


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