February 11


Your Opinion, My Opinion, let’s do the Maths!

By Prisqua

February 11, 2010

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Your Opinion, My Opinion, let's do the Maths!
17+17=34 That's legal!

As Bertrand Russell once said, always entertain your opinion with a certain measure of doubt. You see, it is just an opinion, just an opinion. Do not confuse it for fact. And OMG! Fact is also an opinion you see. You think about it. 1+1=2, right? Wrong! Watch the video and then tell me about the fact that 1+1=2.

(Please do watch the video before reading on…)

So as you are busy airing your opinion to someone who does not care or thinks you are a complete idiot, try to remember:

1. That whatever you consider as fact in your head, appears to the other person as little round balls of rubbish they want to disprove you using their opinion.

2. Feel free to think of them that way too they have little, round balls of rubbish packed in their heads that they are hurling at you in the way of airing their opinion.

3. Your father and your mother have especially hard and fast opinions on subjects of every nature on the planet. If you want to give them an opinion and for them not to give you an opinion back, maybe talk about the internet. Do not try the global recession or stocks  their nest-egg just went down with that ship and their opinions on it are likely to behead you.

4. When Pa has an opinion, and you have an opinion, its very likely that Ma will take his side, no matter that you think you are right. Best tactic  corner each one separately, but even then, your only advantage is that it will be an even fight, one-to-one.

5. Whatever your teacher taught you in school while you fooled around was likely a load of crap clearly. Either that or they should have taught you how to argue about it from 10 different viewpoints that have no co-relation at all.

6. Never keep a chalk board in your parents house. If it is there, get rid of it while they are asleep, because if they catch you doing it, there is bound to be an opinion exchange of some kind about you getting rid of their blackboard.

7. If you absolutely can not get rid of it, avoid any arguments that can be proved or disproved on it using a piece of chalk.

8. Remember, should the chalk board and chalk fail to lead to meaningful conclusion, there can be a deterioration of the situation e.g. someone could end up having their head bashed with the chalk board, or with a mouthful of chalk. Be careful.

9. For those with kids, their opinions matter a great deal. You must listen. It goes a long way in determining whether or not you will be spoken to when you speak. Feel free to disagree silently, and only vent your opinion if someone is smoking pot, meth or threatening another with a gun or a knife. The rest of the stuff is just not worth opinionating about. Life will teach them.

10. At any one time, whenever you feel strongly opinionated about something, remember that it could all be a load of hogwash it can be disproved through another opinion.

11. And finally, remember that 14×5=25. That is very important. Remember that there is no way that 14×5=70

Take this however you may, its an opinion of course, but always keep in mind that your truth and another person’s truth are completely different things, and they can both be proved to be true. Be careful before you go jamming your opinion down someone else’s throat next time!


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