June 28


Pick up lines for NOT to pick up…

By Prisqua

June 28, 2008

online dating, pick up lines

Or should I say pick up messages??
These are some of the messages I receive on a daily basis from some social & dating sites.
Feel free to add your pick up line in the comments… you never know, I might be swept away… lol
I will be updating this post as they come along…

“Hi, How are you? am Udo, an African living here in malaysia. i am a honest careing guy, I saw your pic in site and you are loking so great and have gone through your profile and found it intresting and lovely. .Please i will like us to be good friends and will appreciate it if you can reply me. And I will like to know you more .I like a woman who is understanding and honest,respect­ful, and careing. I will like you to reply me with my email address …….@yahoo.com or …..@hotmail.com. Thanks somuch and have a pleasant day.”

From:free cuddles at no cost
hope u like romance ur cute xxx im m johnny love 2 here from u pls text a hello or leave urs we can chat xxxx 041……… or msn ……..@hotmail.com ……………no games pls

ouaww so pretty and cute 🙂 congratulations alex kisss

Hello 🙂
You have a Gorgeous smile 🙂
Just had to msg you.

“prisqua may i ask why you think all men are the same ,,, has a man never done the house work ,, cook ,, kids,, yard ,,pool ,, cars ,, evry thing a women does ,,, maybe you have never met a real man ,, love …..”
(Actually no, my ex-husband never did anything…maybe thatis why we are no longer together??)

“You’re the first thing I think of
Each morning when I rise.
You’re the last thing I think of
Each night when I close my eyes.

You’re in each thought I have
And every breath I take.
My feelings are growing stronger
With every move I make.

I want to prove I love you
But that’s the hardest part.
So, I’m giving all I have to give
To you… I give my heart. and i ll wait ur email adres and can u send me ur number i ll be happy tahnks”

“How can you be single?”
(I ask myself that question everyday lol)

“hwy baby how r y y r so beautiful and sexy”

“hi honey, how are you and how is life, i was glancing through this web and i saw your wonderful foto which attracted me so much so that i cant move without saying hi and hoping that ya will acept me as a friend, for ya foto is driving me crazy , hope to read from you soon”

“hi……….How r u???? can u give me ur chat id like msn,yahoo or gmail or u can add me on msn.my id is …….@hotmail.com or add me on yahoo messenger as ……..@yahoo.co.in.hope u will give good response for our friendship.I am gladly waiting for ur reponse.Also if u donot want to add me then tell me the reason”

“hi hun… how are you today hun ur so beautiful can i ask you to be my best friend”

“hi prique how are u”
(It would be nice if you could start by spelling my name properly…)

“hi u look so cute i hope to hear from u again?”

“let me see the label on your blouse, I want to see if you really are MADE IN HEAVEN!!!”

“Hi pretty, I just stopped by ur profile but the radiation of ur beauty couldn’t let me go. How are U?”<!–
Hi babe i like everything i see about you physically, The moment i set my eyes on your photo on line i could not resist the desire to explore immediately the opporturnity available to me. permit me therefore to humbly soliclt your indulgence to add my ID; ….@yahoo.com to your yahoo list so we could talk some more. Many thanks as i eagerly look forward to hearing from…. With regards, Yours in waiting
// –>


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  • Well, the best pick-up line I heard was when I walked my dog: “What a nice dog u have, can I have his phone number?” That made laugh a little but didn’t do the job.
    You are, as many have said before me, a beautiful woman who didn’t had the luck to find a good guy to deserve you. You seem smart and quite a catch and I think you will find what u r looking for. I found mine but I can’t give you any advice, I was just lucky to meet him. Good luck!

  • You can call most of these things “how not to” pick up lines. Even though the last one was pretty inspired, in my opinion. Still, from my little experience, I have found out that these matter the least when it comes to relationships. There is indeed a need for a good pick up line for the girl to give you a chance, but as long as you can’t have a conversation, you won’t last more than 5 minutes 🙂

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