October 4


Short Men Can Also Seduce Women

By Prisqua

October 4, 2008

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Short Men Can Also Seduce WomenHaving an ideal height is a great advantage especially for men. Women take notice of tall men because they are easily seen even in a crowd of people. This is probably the reason why tall men do not find it hard to get the woman they like, especially if they have the right attitude and confidence.

You might be familiar with Humphrey Bogart, Napoleon, and Al Pacino. Do you know their similarity? Right, all of them are short men. So what if you are short? That does not mean that you can’t seduce and attract women! In fact, these men were able to attract a lot of women. And this had nothing to do with them being

Having a strong attitude when you’re short is a great way to seduce women. At this age, you can’t do anything with your height. You will stay short for the rest of your life! But do not worry because there are still ways that you can do to solve your problem…

There are short term ways that you can do about your height. You can add your height about three inches by wearing boots…. Just kidding lol

The way you dress can take off the attention to your height. Wear tight-fitting clothes or those that have vertical stripes. This way, you’ll look slender and taller at the same time. If your closet is filled with over-sized shirts and horizontal stripes, it’s time to take them out and buy new outfits.

If you want to go for the long term, sign in for a gym class. Work out your muscles because this can greatly improve your physical appearance. Try to do something with your poise, inner attitude, and confidence levels. When these things are put together, you can face women with more self-confidence.

Always make it a point to affirm yourself. Tall men are the bigger dogs, but you can be the pit bull who dominates them. But do not forget the nice guy inside you. Keep it balanced so you will not look like a jerk!  Women do not like jerks…

Do not seek approval, especially from the opposite sex. Who cares what other women think? Just go on with your life and do the things that you love and want to do. Always be true because women will naturally be drawn to someone that is true to themselves.

Short men can attract women who are also short, but there are even those who fish tall women. By adding a bit of a bad boy effect to your personality, you can have women hanging all over you…

One secret: be comfortable and content with your height, because if you’re not, it will affect you in some way. Women are attracted to tall men because they dominate but with so much inner confidence and a strong personality, they would not care about your height. Women are more attracted to men with an

To sum it all up, be true, cultivate your inner confidence, take risks, and stop seeking approval. And do not forget the gym-thing and the fashion suggestions.

If you observe all these things, you’ll forget about your height completely and be able to seduce the women around you.


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  • I LIKED THIS i beight a short man myself would like to enconrage some people, i am just 5 4 but i am confident as hell, i am cute, i am atractive i am fun not very muscular but wolrking on it, and let me tell you something women search security, and how do you gain security FIGHTING (well meybe not physical fight) but fight NEVER SURRENDER YOU CAN BE THE BEST! Just because of their height they impose confidence you have to show doble of confidence to acive the half they do… The answer… fight 4 times stronger!!!you are strong as franco, STALIN, Sarcosy,, and very single fucking dictator that said i will not bow to you i am never going to surrender!!! Napoleon complex my ass… do you honestly belibe that fighting 4 times stronger to survive is a complex???? NO IT ISNT STOP HAVING LOW SELF STEEM, STOP BOWING, YOU ARE THE FKING SHIT, AND EVENM IF YOU WEREN YOU HAVE TO SHOW IT!!!!!!

  • Thanks. Nice information. Your post on attracting women has been somehow accurate with what I am researching on. I also believe that in order to attract women, one needs to overcome shyness. Some guys find that this is what that hold them back. Hey, I like your content, can we exchange blogroll? I am going to make a new blog soon. Do let me know by email. =)

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