August 20


Surfing a woman… or riding a man?

By Prisqua

August 20, 2010

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Let me tell you, I don’t completely disagree with Tyson’s remarks on“If men are the surfers, the women are the water” . When Tyson compares men dating women with surfers trying to stand on their surf boards and keeping a perfect balance, he admits that it is us women who are in control. I think this is true, at least most of the times. And yet, and yet… I feel I can provide a better analogy. Let’s take a look at a different sport: equestrianism, A.K.A. horse back-riding!

Us women are the riders, right? That makes man the horse, certainly! And please, I don’t want any guys feeling offended. Animals are wiser than us human beings in so many ways. Besides, it’s just an analogy! If we girls can be compared to water, you guys may as well be horses. Why not? They are strong, they are stubborn (hey, some of them are hairy too!). They can try to run away as you gently approach, they may even kick you hard and harm you badly, to the point you may even consider giving up relationships (err, riding I mean!) for good… at least until next time.

As your horse, a man needs a certain taming: after a couple of fights, if he’s well trained he will know that he should call when he said “I’ll call you”, that he’s expected to sleep over after making love to you, that he should never make sarcastic comments when you ask him how do you look, that he should always look into your eyes when he’s saying “I love you”…

Surfing… or riding? A response to the surf analogy!What is the tricky thing about finding a steady relationship? The same that with horse back-riding. The thing is, you don’t always pick the right horse at once. Some of them may be too tall for you, some of them will run way too fast or move way too slow, even when you kick them softly as a motivation. You may find them too aggressive, too passive, or, on the contrary, ready to let themselves be ridden by any girl around. But the great thing is, once you find the right one, he will take you wherever you want, he will follow you around and long for your caresses. Of course, just as men, horses are handled better by sweets, gentle pats and kind words, not by threatens or beating.

Once you are riding your horse, you are able to make them go wherever you want, and take you there of course. Jump this obstacle, run, now walk, always at your timing. But the best thing is not to force the animal, but to let them believe they are going wherever they want, and you just happened to want the same! That applies exactly to guys: the best thing you can do is to let them believe they are in control, when we all girls know we are the queens of the castle.


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  • Makes sense! For some men that is. Women are able to train men to a certain extent but then again you will always have the bull headed ones that do what they please no matter what.

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