September 8


The secret… or part of it….

By Prisqua

September 8, 2008

friends, hearbreak, heartbreaking, personal life, the secret

Just a week ago, I was just here in that exact same spot… except it was raining and I was crying to one of my closest friends…

I have not been able to write lately because of my personal life going so sore all of a sudden….
And the heartbreaking part for me was that I could not tell my friends what had been bothering me for quite some time. I started a blog post ages ago, but could never find the right words to finish it or did I even know how to finish it or if there was even a point to the story??

Now I still do not know where this story is going to take me and will have to keep it for myself for a little while longer….


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Coffee in the mornings is a must! I hunt and shoot aliens as therapy a few hours every day. Work sometimes demands that I tweet, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I never leave home without my 5 inch stilettos, iPhone and of course a possible good story.

  • Hey,

    a difficult question to answer here I’m afraid, without knowing how personal or intimate the subject really is. But if you really want my opinion and want to share it, you know how to reach me through private channels.

    Wish you lots of strength in these tough days! It’s a cliché, but this too shall pass, keep that in mind.

    Cheer up,

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