April 12


Teenagers, Tired Of Being Harassed By Your Stupid Parents?

By Prisqua

April 12, 2010

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“Don’t tell me what I can do!”, “Hey, this is my room, go away!”, “What do you care?”, “Since when do I have to listen to your opinions?”, “You don’t understand me, no one does!”, “Why can’t I go? All my friends will be there!”, “I don’t want kids to see me with you, it’s too embarrassing!”, “I don’t have to listen to all this crap!”.

Teenagers aren’t easy, are they? They can really give us a hard time. But we have to remember that neither are us, grownups, from their point of view. Think about it for a second. How was it when you –yes, you who are reading this- were a fifteen year old boy or girl? I’m sure you felt you knew how everything really was, no matter how different the world may seem now.

The thing with teenagers is that they have reached the height of an adult (with their hormones going crazy and stuff), but they behave like young children sometimes… they believe themselves to be complete, while they still have so much to learn.

Little children look up on us since they realize that they still have a lot of growing up to do… that they have so many questions to be answered (and who’s to answer them but mom and dad?), they fear monsters and darkness and we can comfort them during a storm.

Teenagers feel nothing can stop them! And we are just obstacles on their way to success! After all, who are we parents to tell them what to do or what not to do? Haven’t we realized yet that the world has changed? Today’s world is not our world, it’s theirs! Well, duh!


I know what I’m talking about. I’ve had more than one big fight with my daughter. She’s a beautiful smart girl and sometimes things go great between us… and sometimes they don’t. We don’t live together now, she lives with her father. And despite our differences, I am proud of the young woman she has become, and I believe she could truly reach her full potential. I trust her!

After all, teens are not stupid. I believe, deep down, they listen to us, and they know we have a point when we tell them certain things. We actually want the best for them… at least in the long run! The thing is, who wants to wait so much? The future starts today! And they are right when they say they know so many things us grownups don’t have a clue about. It’s true! They live faster, enjoy so many different experiences we could never have dreamt about… If only they could add some responsibility to their independence wishes. But, alas, they wouldn’t be teenagers if they did. That would call for a young adult. And us parents have little to say to them by that time. They have to make their own choices, as well as their own mistakes. As we all did once.


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  • Each generation should be smarter than the last, that way there is progress. To be smarter than the past though, you need to build upon the experiences of the past. If however you ignore the experiences of the past, you therefore have to repeat the same mistakes and risk going backwards. A smart teenager learns from the mistakes of others, a stupid teenager learns from his own mistakes.

  • Of course this is just a joke….I get the humor. However, I still cannot be seriously laughing about this. Parents are not stupid…(though I’m not a parent) at all because when these young people grow up into adults facing the real world they will definitely realize their parents are right after all.I did realize too late that my parents were right and I was the one who felt so stupid not knowing what I was supposed to know which my parents taught me.
    After all, who lived longer years? Who gains wisdom? Unless the parent is a retard, he gains the wisdom he learned through the years to impart to his children.
    Times may change, the world may change, but wisdom does not.

    • I am a mother and I think at some point or another we all have been there when we thought our parents were stupid just because… My son is 11 and my daughter 15 and I am sure they sometimes think I am stupid until one day they will wake up to themselves. Thanks anyway for sharing your thoughts.

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