October 29


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By Prisqua

October 29, 2008

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I have to admit i am not very proud of myself on this one…. I really feel like i fail myself. i rely and trust my instincts and so far I have never had any issues… until today… where i have to admit that I was wrong! Ouch! Actually it was not that bad to admit it! But that does hurt…
I was wrong about one person I trusted and cared about. and I have to admit that it took weeks before admitting to my close friends that I was involved with someone online. It actually took hours for one friend to get me to even admit to whom it was… All because I knew what everybody else thought of that person… and it was not words of glory… so yes i was a bit embarrassed about telling my friends what was happening and especially when for some reasons the whole situation turned sore….
I believe everyone is entitle to their opinions even if you don’t share them. If you don’t like my friends well it is your problems not mine and vice versa. And it does not matter what you think of my friends as long as i don’t hear it. But I will take a stand for my friends if I feel it is absolutely necessary… This is me, this is how I believe it should be and i don’t really care how others do it or what they think… each to their own….
This was supposed to be between Rene’ and I but it has now turned a public affair on Plurk so I have to tell my story. Rene’ says there is no story: did I just dream what happened in the past couple of months?? Rene’ Wasn’t i sleeping in your bed for four nights in a row in the past couple of weeks?? Oh actually make it 3 since we had a fall out in the middle of the night and i decided to sleep on the floor in the main room… (no furniture and i am apparently high maintenance so that must be why…) and yes i was in tears and yes I had to call the one person who knows me better than anyone else and does NOT live in the USA! Maybe Rene’ is right… that is not a story….
And now i am being blamed because I expressed how upset i was about being deleted from his friend’s list…. yes i did email him and I waited 10mn for an answer before plurking… Did I call the guy names?? What on earth did I say that was so bad except being sad and heartbroken?? What happened next was beyond my control because I was not on the Internet… I could not read my plurks… Granted the plurk went out of control behind my back… I have a cell number that everyone interested knows…. it was as easy as calling me : hey Prisqua there is a problem…. and i could have taken the time to find an Internet connection or something… but no instead people prefer to fight and call each others name and my name get trashed in the process. i don’t think that is fair but now I have to do some damage control.
No we are not back in high school, this not gossip and no bitching, this is a story about how I fell for one man I met online and flew all the way from Australia to America to figure him out…


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  • Recently I have also been frustrated when I didn’t meet the support of a person I regard as my friend. I can’t understand why people sometimes don’t value friendship.

  • Prisqua , Sorry to cause strife. I just think since Rene Guerrero thinks he may say whatever he wants about whomever he chooses because he deems it to be fact. The same speach should be available to those that have something to say about him as well. I appreciate you allowing the comment to remain and not cowering to his demands to remove it. I do not know you and I am not JAG and I wanted to clear that up because of his hateful psycho rant against your friends.
    G’ Day Prisqua and many blessings to you.

    My only intent was to open some eyes to his true colors you didnt deserve the ugliness with wich he treated you.

  • LOL there is nothing to say about this little hiccup really… Already planning to come back to the States as well as the UK… Thanks for dropping by Dwayne.

  • Wow, I actually do not know what to say LOL. This is the first time I read this blog but it sounds very interesting. Next time you are in the states look me up. Everyone have a wonderful day.

  • I have no idea who is “Been There” and I doubt very much that this is the work of Jag! And no I have not talked about you, especially on a personal level as you keep assuming… and you know it because we have kept “this thing” a secret until a few weeks before I came to Dallas… I have never said anything bad about you to anyone… and I have not called you name like you are doing so please stop this non sense and read somebody else’s blog… my story is how I felt – which i have not even began to tell… and that is all there is to it.

  • your friends are all simians, Prisqua. and that’s the problem. if i were them, i wouldn’t like me either. a Hypocondriac… that’s a big word for a 5 year old. say what you guys want, losers. you’re friends are trash, Prisqua. Our friendship was demolished because of them, nothing that happened between us. Fuck JAG and the rest of the cretins because they will never know anything but what you tell them. at least i have the balls to speak unhidden by anonymity. shouldn’t that alone tell you something? and how would BEEN THERE know anything unless your talking shit about me? again, i’m a nice person who went out of his way to make show you a decent time in Texas and this is the thanks i get?? You fucking people deserve each other and eveything that happens to you…

  • he fancies himself an intellectual czar and has cronies following his very aged photo .. hes a spoiled brat with an over inflated ego a serious weight problem as Im sure you probably noticed and lookout it you have something negative to say about the little psycho he is vial and relentless… consider yourself lucky to have only been under his spell for a short time. hes a drunk , a pothead and sucks people into his emo world of drama. be lucky you escaped

  • Do not fret he is a closet homosexual any way he is a hypocondriac a cry baby and a drama queen he is a bowl full of jelly and even viagra wouldnt do his mini weanie good .. be happy

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